When dealing with landscaping designs, there is so much more to think about than just plants and trees. A great amount of hard work and planning is involved when you need to take into account the seating areas, patios, pathways, pool surrounds, and other items that need to be placed on hard surfaces. Natural stones are among the few designs elements that can add the necessary hard surface while also imparting warmth and richness to your property’s landscape.

One of the widely used popular stone products is the natural blue stone which can become a great choice for garden landscaping. Due to its durability and strength, blue stone can be used for everything from stone walls to driveways leading to and from your home and other outdoor spaces. There are so many ways to transform your yard and property with organic blue stone. Keep reading for more information about how blue stone can add a more natural look to your outdoor space.

Using organic blue stone for hard surface areas

The texture of the bluestone surface makes it naturally slip resistant which makes it an excellent choice for pool decks, walkways, and patios. Bluestone slabs are available in seams and each seam can be different in color and texture from the next. It is easy for homeowners to choose a combination of unique bluestone pieces so that they do not appear boring or uniform.

Pillars and retaining walls

Natural blue stone is among the hardest variations of natural stone. This makes it a reliable natural stone for creating retaining walls in your landscape. They are highly dependable and capable of supporting a huge amount of weight. Vibrant green-colored plants can be used to contrast beautifully against the soft grey shades of the stone.

Water features

Outdoor fountains and water features add a classy and unique touch and a soothing ambiance to any landscaping design. Bluestone can be used for creating gorgeous water features due to its extreme durability, water resistance, and non-slippery qualities.

The rough textures on the surfaces of bluestone enhance the relaxing atmosphere created by the running water by creating different flows and ribble patterns in the water. You can get different shades of bluestone to complement both dark color bodies and clear pools.

Rustic stepping stones

Even though bluestones have a rustic texture and a vintage look that they can bring to some landscapes, they can also be extremely compatible with modern landscape designs. Consider using natural blue stone for creating pathways of stepping stones that would lead to a water feature or a pool on your lawn.

There also might be some parts of your property where it is difficult to grow anything such as a highly shaded area, swampy area, or even your pets go to lavatory area. Organic blue stone is an attractive way for creating a patio or a natural stone walkway that will offer a dynamic visual appeal instead of the same old dirt or dead patch of yard.

Bluestone needs little maintenance which means you can just forget about them after installing the stepping stones. The creeping mosses at their edges will beautify and enhance the natural look and feel of your pathway.

Fireplace or fire pit

Having a fireplace or a fire pit completes the look of a beautiful landscape and it takes your outdoor entertainment to an entirely new level during chilly winter nights. Use bluestone for a patio seating area with plenty of room for chairs or as a natural cladding material for the sides of a stationary fire pit.

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