If the roof of your home has been damaged due to weather or old age then it is time to make a significant investment in the future of your house. Before ordering shingles from the big box store take the time to look at various options by comparing different roof installation products and techniques. The most cost-effective option surprises many homeowners since it has been around for so long yet is not seen as often on new homes in the United States: slate tile roofing.

What is a roof tile?

Tile is the most popular roofing material used throughout the world. A roof tiling system involves overlapping roof tiles that are attached securely to a solid base or roof deck on a sloping roof. It needs a specialized kind of installation, which only experienced professionals can do.

Types of roof tiling

The main roof tile types are:

Clay roof tile

This is one of the original types of roofing materials that offers excellent color options and retention quality. Traditional clay tiles for roofs were in red or natural orange but today they are available in various colors and different shapes.

Concrete tiles

It is also called cement roofing tiles and is a mixture of cement, water, sand and at times various dyes for colors. They offer extreme resistance to wind or hail storms and save the roof from getting damaged. They are originally fluid in nature and are molded into various shapes and textures.

Slate tiles

Slate tiles are the most durable roofing material available which is why for the long term it is the most cost-effective roofing solution on the market today. Most slate roofs can last for multiple generations and well over one hundred years with minimal maintenance or repair over the lifetime of the roofing system. These tiles are manufactured from rock and are popular for their appearance, longevity, and durability. Most clay roof tiles actually try to mimic slate tiles in shape and texture.

Slate tiles come in various colors like black, gray, purple, red, rust, and different texture options depending on the content.  Many homeowners choose slate roof tiles due to their aesthetic appeal and ability to complement various home styles.

Benefits of a roof made from slate roof tiles

  • It can withstand high gusty winds, hail, and even fire.
  • The gaps under the tiles help to block the sun’s heat while also naturally wicking warm air from the attic story of the house. This leads to cost savings since the pressure on the air conditioner is greatly reduced
  • It needs minimal maintenance.
  • It can easily last longer than 50 years.
  • Slate tile roofs are pest-resistant and environment-friendly.

Why are concrete tiles not recommended for roofs?

There are many reasons why concrete tiles are not recommended as an ideal roofing material:

  • Concrete tiles are not recommended due to their heavyweight. Unless originally built with the intention of using these tiles, many houses need additional structural support to be able to bear the weight of these tiles.
  • Though concrete tiles are available in a variety of styles and designs, the patterns and colors can start fading with time when exposed to harsh weather conditions.
  • They need a good amount of maintenance because their porous texture absorbs water which might lead to mold and mildew growth.
  • Excessive water and moisture absorption might lead to concrete tiles becoming heavier and even deterioration of the supporting structure.
  • Even though they are not expensive, the added cost of installation and additional work for supporting the weight of concrete tiles makes it an expensive deal. Moreover, the possibility of a tile becoming cracked, broken, and replaced is another additional expense.

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