If you wish to add a natural feature to your exterior decor, landscaping with boulders is a brilliant option that will transform your exterior area into a bold new look. There are plenty of clever ways and unique ideas ranging from calm Zen-inspired designs to practically retaining the boulders and huge stone monoliths.

Most people find that landscaping with boulders for the first time will offer a new spark to their home exteriors and designs. This is because due to their big size and dimensions, large boulders make an interesting focal point in your landscape setting or garden. Let’s take a look at how you can utilize some of the large boulders for sale today!

Plan in advance

Landscaping with boulders needs some good planning keeping in mind that it is difficult to move boulders due to their weight. Therefore, remember to determine the position in your landscape where they will provide the most visual appeal.

Boulders need to be set a few inches deep into the ground to provide safety to children if they climb and play around them. They also look natural this way since you are not left with a huge rock sitting lightly over the dirt. Regardless of installation method, they eventually settle in due to their weight.

Go for the big one

Choosing larger boulders ensures you will end up with the right sized stone for your property. It is possible to have a stone mason remove part of the boulder if it is too large; however, stone masons cannot make a stone that is too small any larger. There are a multitude of shapes and sizes of large boulders for sale so it is easy to find one that will fit with your overall outdoor design.


The first step is to determine the prime areas in your garden where you would want to place the boulders. Large boulders make a perfect medium for building levels into the design of your yard for a naturally terraced effect. You may also choose to develop levels with retaining walls to protect raised beds if you have sloppy or hilly ground, or just use the rocks to accentuate the greenery.

One of the things to keep in mind is that your landscape should complement the beauty of your home. Hence, arrange the boulders accordingly to decide which side of your boulder should face up or in which particular direction. The shape and dimensions will determine whether the boulder should lie flat, be kept standing, or be placed at an angle.

Using landscape lighting with different bulbs can further create a natural ambiance surrounding your boulder. Landscape lighting can also be used to create some nice effects such as highlighting the boulder or features behind it like a wall, trees, or tall grass.

Using textured stone for a striking contrast

Make use of great varieties of textures available in large boulders for sale from smooth, rounded, rough, or angular.

  • Weathered limestone boulders, boulders with lichens, and mossy boulders add to the creative textured options.
  • Honey limestone boulders come with interesting holes and an extraordinary look that will hold the viewer’s attention.
  • Craggy and creviced boulders with jagged, uneven edges create a beautiful design when teamed with fine toning gravel and composite polished stone tiles.

Play with different colors

Large boulders for sale offer a wide variety of colors that would augment your landscape and also influence your mood. Soothing colors will help you design your landscape and offer stimulating spaces to enjoy. You may choose from off-white and ivory-colored stones to striking black boulders, or from yellow-red color to mellow gray highlighted with green shades of lichens and moss. Boulders with moss and lichen also come in great colors like green, brown, gold, gray, and orange. Some large boulders for sale naturally sparkle with deposits of mica minerals which is sure to get your guest’s attention.

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