The fact that you are considering Authentic Granite Cobblestone & Belgian Block from REALGOODS Company, is a testament to your vision, to build only with the best pavement stone available. REALGOODS Company Granite Cobblestone & Belgian Block are the time tested standards for roads, driveways & courtyards that last for generations. Whether your interest is in NEW or ANTIQUE Cobblestones & Belgian Block our stones  will provide an elegant and welcoming earthy look and feel that has been the choice many discerning builders for thousands of years.

New REALGOODS Company Granite Cobblestone Belgian Block is available in several colors including Gray, Rose, Black, Yellow, Buff and other colors as well. The typical sizes offered are Cubes (4x4x4″+/-), Mini Block (4x4x8″+/-)  Regulation (5x5x9″+/-), Half Regulations (5x9x2-2.5″+/-), Jumbo (10x7x4″+/-), and Half Jumbos (10x4x3″+/-). Also offering a  range of other 2″, 3″ and 4″ thicknesses in standard and custom sizes to your specification.

REALGOODS Company Granite Cobblestone & Belgian Block in Antique stone will show the delightful patina that provides a true old world look and feel. Having already been in service for one or more centuries these stone are clear evidence of their longevity and enduring authentic beauty.

Typical sizes are:  Mini’s (4x5x6″+/-),  Regulation (5x5x9″+/-) and Jumbo (10x7x4″+/-).  We also now offer these authentic antique stones in half thickness Half Mini’s (4-6 x 4-6 x 2-3″+/-),  Half Regulation (5x9x2-2.5+/-) and Half Jumbo (10x4x3″+/-). These half thickness stones provide freight savings with double the square footage per truckload. Color is usually a mixed Gray but lots of Pink and other colors are also available from time to time.

Other names of these products could be described as patio blocks, paving stones, driveway pavers, paving stone, driveway paving, belgian block, paving bricks, cobblestone pavers, belgium block, granite pavers and cobblestone driveway.

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