Trees have been utilized by Man from the earliest of days. As means of constructing shelter, as a food source, and for heat to get through the winters and for the cooking of meals. The perfect Renewable Resource, WOOD has been a critical element in the survival and progress of Man.

The power of Human Creativity has even taken the woods and through imagination and craft produced most of the Musical Instruments. Without the WOOD, where would we be? Man and Wood. A symbiosis where the wood is initially created at the service of Man and where the wood is transformed through Mans’ creative power into something that improves the Wood to further benefit Man.   Each BOARD of a hardwood floor, as individually unique as a Human Fingerprint has been crafted by those Human Fingers into the Beautiful enhancement that fine hardwood floors can be.

Among the many hardwood flooring products we offer are engineered hardwood flooring, unfinished hardwood flooring, solid hardwood flooring, prefinished hardwood flooring, dark hardwood floors and hickory hardwood flooring. Although we will always suggest the higher quality hard wood floors, for those on a strict budget we do also offer inexpensive hardwood flooring and discount hardwood flooring.