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Trees have been utilized by man from the earliest of days to construct shelter, as a food source, for heat to get through the winters, and for the cooking of meals. The perfect renewable resource, wood has been a critical element in the survival and progress of man.

The power of human creativity and imagination has even transformed wood into crafts and many of the musical instruments we enjoy today.  Without wood, where would we be? Man, and wood. A symbiosis where the wood is initially created at the service of man and then it is transformed through mans’ creative power into something that improves the wood to further benefit man. Each board of a hardwood floor is as individually unique as a human fingerprint. One by one they have been carefully crafted to fit together into a fine hardwood floor; a beautiful enhancement for any home.

Here at REALGOODS Company we specialize in providing the best quality and value in Wide Plank Hardwood Oak Floors, and Pre finished Hardwood Floors.

We offer a wide range of hardwood flooring products such as engineered hardwood flooring, unfinished hardwood flooring, solid hardwood flooring, prefinished hardwood flooring, dark hardwood floors, hickory hardwood flooring, and of course, Pre finished Hardwood Floors.

With this newer form of flooring becoming increasingly popular, you can add the value of a unique accent to your home. Additionally, more powerful sealers in pre finished hardwood floors increase durability, are quicker and easier to install, and require less maintenance and refinishing.

If you are seeking professional advice for your wood flooring plans, we are your one stop shop providing you with years of knowledge and experience to help you decide which flooring best suits your needs. Although we will typically suggest higher quality hard wood floors, for those on a strict budget we do offer lower grades of Pre finished Hardwood Floors, and Wide Plank Hardwood Oak Floors, and other discount hardwood flooring.

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