Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   How much material do I need for my project?

A.  REALGOODS Company relies on our extensive experience in helping our customers like you to plan your project(s).  Providing Dimensions and other details to us, will be the minimum information needed to estimate the amount of material you will need for your project.

Q.   How long will it take to process my Order?

A.   Many of our standard products are almost always in stock for immediate shipment! Custom orders that may require special fabrication services, will be produced based on the current production schedules. Lead times for your order will be provided upon request.

Q.   Do you deliver to my location?

A.   REALGOODS Company delivers to all locations in the United States, and internationally upon request.

Q.   Will I have to unload the truck?

A.   REALGOODS Company can provide lift gate service and/or forklift unloading service to most locations. If you have the equipment and capacity to unload yourself, that will save you the costs of those services.

Q.   Can I provide my own transportation?

A.   REALGOODS Company strongly suggests that we handle the transport & delivery of your order. We have decades of logistics experience that will work to your benefit. In some instances you can provide your own freight service. Please call in advance to discuss.

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