Southern Yellow Pine

Wide Plank Southern Yellow Pine floors are milled from the pine forests in the Southern United States and have been a popular standard since the first modest cabins & cottages of the colonial days. Wide Plank Southern Yellow Pine floors were also widely used for the larger homes of the plantations of the south, and are versatile enough to have made inroads into the Northern States as well.  The early industrial buildings in most of the eastern states had structural timbers and flooring of Southern Yellow Pine since structural steel was not yet being produced.  Many of these old timbers and floors, known as Antique Heart Pine, have been reclaimed and given new life in todays structures. We can supply the antique varieties if your taste demands, but REALGOODS Company’s main focus in the realm of Southern Yellow Pine, is primarily new Wide Plank Southern Yellow Pine floors milled for todays excellent pine floors that, like the antique old growth, will last for generations.

The words beautiful, economical and functional can all be used to describe Southern Yellow Pine floors. Boards are available in widths of 3 1/8″, 5 1/8”, 6 7/8”, and 8 7/8”, for a stunning one width or multi width floor. Lengths available are all 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’ or 16’ with no short boards.  The grades offered are Knotty #2, New Heart, and Clear Grade. These unfinished pine floors readily accept the stain of your choice, or can be left natural to gain a time induced patina, for a classic color and grain. If you want your Southern Yellow Pine Pre-finished, we will be happy to offer that to you on a custom basis.

ALL of our SOUTHERN YELLOW PINE FLOORS combine the best of nature, craftsmanship and lasting value to enhance your home or office with authentic, natural beauty.

By creating part your world in Southern Yellow Pine we can help add a beautifully unique feature to your home which you and future generations will be able to enjoy for years to come.

If you have plans to install Wide Plank Southern Yellow Pine flooring to add natural beauty to your home or office, please call or email REALGOODS Company to set up your private consultation. We will use our years of industry experience to provide you with the ultimate Southern Yellow Pine Floors!

Wide Plank Southern Yellow Pine floors by Real Goods

Southern Yellow Pine flooring by Real Goods

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