10 Reasons to use Barnstone for Your Next Wall Project

You might have seen old historical buildings and walls made of solid stones. These stones are timeless masterpieces that seem to last forever with unfading beauty. Besides being highly durable and resistant to tough weather conditions, they give a classy look to the structures. While there are certainly examples of these large stones in some historic buildings as previously mentioned, these stones were used mainly for the foundations of barns and farm buildings. Thus, the large stones are known as barnstones. While barnstones are generally no longer quarried, it is possible to obtain such wonderful stones from barns and other historical buildings which have already been, or are in the process of being torn down. Keep reading for a list of ten reasons why you should choose barnstone for your next wall project.

1. Can be used to complete a rustic atmosphere – If you are aiming for a rustic feel, but do not want to have an overwhelming quantity of wood surfaces in your house, barnstone can be a great choice. The exposed stone can provide a rustic feel while also providing some of the same features that make wood so popular for rustic buildings.

2. Can be used for a variety of wall projects – Whether you are creating a basement foundation for your new house, looking for a reliable material to build a retaining wall, or even creating a dividing wall around your property, barnstone can do it all. The material is strong enough to be a retaining wall, but elegant enough to be used for a large indoor or outdoor fireplace or the foundation walls for a finished basement.

3. Natural Material – Barnstones are not a manmade material and were quarried decades, even centuries ago. These large stones are straight out of the earth and help to bring a natural feel wherever they are installed.

4. Durable and easy to Maintain – These stones have already withstood the test of time and tough weather. They have lasted for decades and even centuries without changing and have a very long lifespan. Moreover, once they are installed you will not have to spend much time or money on repairs or maintenance. While it is always good to review every element of your property to make sure nothing needs maintenance, you will not need to spend a lot of time examining barnstones because they are an old-time example of set it and forget it.

5. Energy Efficient – Useful for climates with harsh weather; barnstones are thick and act as a natural insulator from extreme temperatures. This great feature allows homeowners to lower their monthly bills and can improve quality of life inside of the home.

6. Unique Look and Texture – If you are looking to create walls that speak of quality and class, then nothing can match the barnstone. These stones have an amazing quality of creating a warm and soothing feel in any place. The solid structure and natural texture make them look absolutely stunning. Furthermore, your home is sure to be unique because many stonemasons created intricate designs or patterns at the end of a building project as a signature; much in the same manner that an artist signs a painting.

7. Eco Friendly Building Option – Unlike concrete, barnstones are already made and do not need to be reproduced. This helps the environment by reducing the amount of carbon that is put into the atmosphere via the manufacturing process. Furthermore, barnstones are generally no longer quarried, so any barnstones used in building projects are recycled saving the environment from overuse of natural resources. Barnstones are also ideal to help hold back water and prevent soil erosion.

8. Density – Barnstones are large and dense blocks of stone. These stones each weight up to about two tons which make them less likely to be pushed around or out of place when used for projects like an underground foundation or a retaining wall.

9. Adds value to the property – As previously mentioned, barnstones provide homeowners an immediate value, because of their ability to lower their monthly utility bills and low maintenance costs. On a long term scale, barnstones add value to a property because of their longevity. Their durability and dependability enable them to last for a lifetime if not multiple generations.

10. Great for creating terraces – Due to their size, barnstones can easily create multiple terraces. Their weight ensures that the earth they are holding back will not push them out of place, and their length and height allows the wall to be created using less stones. Some barnstones are even cut in a squared off manner which enables the wall builder to create a wall with less seams to break up the beauty of the structure.

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