10 Reasons Why Cobble Paving Is the Perfect Choice for Your Driveway

If you are like many homeowners who value elegance and increased property value, when you think about the driveway, you will always go for the old and faithful option of cobble paving. Unlike asphalt, cobblestones will not crack unless put under immense pressure and offers resistance to de-icing salt. Cobblestones come in a many vibrant colors and textures making them an ideal choice to seamlessly fuse into the existing landscaping design. Here are more reasons why cobblestone pavers are the right choice for your next driveway project:

1. Durability
These natural stones have can withstand immense external pressures before cracking or breaking apart making them quite well suited for your driveways.

2. Natural Beauty
By using natural stones for the driveway or walking paths, you can enhance the curb appeal. Cobblestone pavers are a bit rare in a world that has become filled with concrete and asphalt driveways. Using these pavers will set your property apart from the norm in a beautiful way that will leave your guests and neighbors stunned.

3.Resistant to Harsh Weather Conditions
Driveways constructed of cobblestones offer a good water permeability helping you to avoid standing puddles or rainwater flowing out into the street. Even during snow or rainy season, it can easily absorb excess water making it quite suitable for all kinds of harsh weather. One additional perk is that you can install a heating system underneath of the stones which can then keep your driveway completely snow and ice free.

4. Affordable
Using high-quality granite for the driveway is a great way to boost the resale value of your property. Cobblestones have a dramatic effect on resale value due to their durability which can see them easily outlast multiple generations.

5. Resistant to Staining
Even though they have a good water permeability, cobblestones are naturally stain resistant. Hazardous chemicals, oil, or fuel leakages from your vehicles will not affect them and even if it does, stain removal should be a breeze.

6. Easy to Install
Cobblestones are usually small rectangular or square-shaped stone blocks that can be very easily laid. You can either use a mortar or simply lay them dry. Laying such cobble paving can be a little labor intensive due to the weight of each block, but if you are not afraid to roll up your sleeves building the driveway can be a great DIY project.

7. Low Maintenance
Usually, simple rain is good enough to clean a driveway made with cobble paving; however, a good hosing once a month or even just a few times per year will ensure your driveway looks as good as the day it was installed.

8. Easy to Repair
When asphalt or concrete driveways crack or sink it is expensive and difficult to replace even small sections as a method of repair. Since cobblestones are small, individually laid rectangular blocks, if you notice any defective pieces after their installation then you can easily replace them by pulling out only the affected stones.

9. Creative Freedom
Using granite cobblestones, you can create as many different kinds of designs as you can imagine. There can be many different textures, patterns, and colors which can all be utilized to create your unique design.

10. Environmentally Friendly
Unlike cement or asphalt which are extremely energy intensive to produce and create CO2 and other biproducts during their production, cobblestones used for cobble paving are environmentally friendly. There are no biproducts in their production and when they break down, they do not leave behind any hazardous chemicals since they are an all-natural material.

If you are interested to offer your driveways an old-world charm and special appeal, then go for our granite cobble paving. There are plenty of driveways that were built from our granite for decades, you can still see them.
Our granite cobblestones will not only be striking and elegant, but also can stand the real test of time. Their upfront cost may appear to be high for some, but it will be an investment that can always add more resale value to your home.

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