3 Best Flooring Ideas to Boost Your Resale Value

Home remodeling projects are viewed as one of the best ways to enhance the resale value of your home. Simple updates such as paint or new light fixtures can provide your home with a new feel, but to complete any renovation you must be sure to address the floor. Installation of quality flooring makes your investment and your home stand out to potential buyers. Many homeowners are interested in which flooring options would help enhance the house resale value. We have compiled a list of three highly sought-after flooring options which are sure to boost your home’s resale value.

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood could be the best flooring option for your house. It is very durable and can be refinished multiple times during its lifespan. Solid hardwood floors can be delivered unfinished or pre finished. Pre finished hardwood floors are constructed using 100 percent solid lumber which is then milled into a definite width and thickness. After the hardwood is the right dimensions the upper surface which will be walked on receives its finishing coat. This pre finishing reduces the installation time. Whether choosing pre finished or unfinished, the classic design of solid hardwood along with the ability to get repeatedly refinished makes them ideal for homebuyers.

Engineered Hardwood

Another important type of flooring option you must consider is engineered hardwood flooring. Though solid and engineered hardwood floors provide a comparable ROI for householders, the selection between the two is often personal preference. While hardwood floors are made using 100% hardwoods, engineered hardwood is a cross-layer of multiple materials topped with a solid wood veneer. This layering can provide more protection against humidity. As with pre finished hardwood floors made of solid wood, engineered hardwood comes prefinished and can be installed without the need for nails or glue. With more homebuyers looking for hardwood, engineered hardwood could be the way to present your house with hardwood, but at a more modest price when compared to solid hardwood.

Natural Stone

Natural stone comes in many different varieties and can have unique patterns and shapes which will immediately set it apart in the mind of the buyer. Natural stone floors provide increased durability and offer the ability to match a very wide range of décor styles. Like hardwood floors, some natural stones such as slate are great if you want to install radiate floor heating. Some of the most popular options for natural stone floors are marble for an elegant, sleek look, and slate for a more rustic, earthy feel. Natural stones come in many different shapes, varieties, and colors making them very versatile.


Though the selection of new flooring for the home looks quite an exciting process, it can even be a daunting process. These are some of the best kinds of flooring options to enhance your house value. It is very important to carefully balance the needs of your family in a flooring product with the need of potential homebuyers. The above flooring options will surely provide you the best return on investment for homeowners.

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