9 Reasons Why Wide Plank Southern Yellow Pine Floors Are A Great Choice For Your Home

If you’ve ever shopped for flooring, you may have noticed the wide variety of flooring materials available. With so many options available, it’s difficult to know which type of flooring is best for you. One type of flooring you may not have explored yet is wide plank southern yellow pine floors. This type of wood is a natural choice for homeowners, and here are nine reasons why:

• It is one of the best value options

Some flooring options fall prey to budgetary considerations which may be upsetting, particularly when grade and elegance are compromised to save money. Wide plank southern yellow pine floors are a smart option because they are a low-cost yet high-quality timber. Its natural beauty will leave your guests speechless all for a fraction of the price of other flooring materials.

• Toughness and density

As one of the toughest softwoods available, floors constructed from southern yellow pine will undoubtedly withstand the passage of time. It is so sturdy that it is used to construct wooden carnival rides. Whether you’re a skilled architect or a do-it-yourself lover, you cannot go wrong using this wood.
• It is indigenous to the United States

Wide plank southern yellow pine floors are a timeless favorite in the United States. Yellow pine flooring has a uniquely classic appearance and is made from one of the most common and sustainable trees, Southern Shortleaf Yellow Pine. Historically it has been utilized for a variety of purposes, including clipper boat poles, storehouse beams, and domestic floors.

• Vintage vibes

Southern Yellow Pine can make any space in your house appear cozier and more welcoming which is what attracts many customers to buy it for their homes. While traditionally a butterscotch-tinted timber, many different stains or coats can be applied to the wood to give it the look and feel that best fits your décor.

• Low maintenance

As with most wooden floors, there is very little maintenance required to keep a southern yellow pine floor looking like it was just installed. There are no fibers like you find in a carpeted floor so dirt is not trapped and locked into the floor. Wiping up spilled liquids in a timely fashion and a semi-regular brooming will cover most of the maintenance for the life of the floor.

• Aesthetic beauty

Not only is this flooring revered for its weight bearing features, but it is also quite attractive to the eye. Either chemically handled or left raw, its light and pleasant tone, as well as its distinctive real wood designs, will complement any room in the house.

• Holds its strength to wear and tear

Floors made from southern yellow pine are very sturdy and grip screws or other connectors very effectively. This is ideal for the floor since you will not have to fear nails popping up or breaking out, which can be hazardous for you and the household. Not only is this good for safety, but it adds to the longevity of the floor itself.

• Installation Benefits

Due to the plank being wider, installation costs can be kept lower because you will need to install less planks to cover the same space as a normal hardwood floor. Furthermore, the since there are less planks to lay down, it will take less time to install the floor meaning an additional cost savings.

• Longevity

Southern yellow pine floors will last for generations with proper care. Keeping the floor clean is easy, but after a while the floor will eventually start to have many scratches, scrapes, or stains. It takes a long time to accumulate a lot of wear and tear on a wood floor, but when there is a lot, the floor can be refinished to bring it back to its original beauty. This refinishing allows a floor to last for generations after initial installation.

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