Amendoim Flooring Project

Amendoim Flooring originates from South America, also known as Brazilian Oak, is a great choice of exotic hardwoods. Amendoim has distinctive variance within its coloring, ranging from light to medium golden-brownish tones. With Amendoim’s beautiful natural coloring and high hardness, it excels in high traffic areas such as kitchens while retaining the natural ability of light colored hardwoods of hiding wear and tear. Amendoim Flooring provides a warm appearance and great contrast for dark or white woodwork. Amendoims Heartwood is a light to medium reddish brown, sometimes with darker stripes. Color tends to darken with age. Pale yellowish brown sapwood isn’t always clearly distinguished from heartwood. Overall appearance is very similar to Mahogany, with the Grain being straight to interlocked, with a medium texture and a high natural luster

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