Antique Granite Cobblestone Project – From Start to Finish

Bob H. who operates a building material supply yard in North Carolina agreed to research Antique Granite Cobblestone and Belgian Block for a good customer of theirs. His customer has a historic structure in Asheville NC that he was restoring, and his goal was in part to put an reclaimed granite cobblestone Driveway Paver down, not only as a pavement but also as a authentic historical embellishment of the grand home.

Some months before Bob H. contacted us we started working with a stone supplier that was willing to take old reclaimed Antique Granite Cobblestone and split them in half lengthwise to get twice the square footage from the same quantity of stone. In this instance we quoted Half Jumbos which are a 10x7x4”+/- split into 10 x4 x 3.5”+/-. This doubled the square footage that we could put on the truck, thereby cutting the freight cost of the equation in half! This was instrumental in meeting Bob H’s budget objectives, as well as providing Historic Antique Granite Cobblestone affordable through innovation and efficiency.

The project required 4,700 square feet of cobblestone coverage, and we knew that the freight cost was going to be high, as the antique Belgian block would have to be shipped a considerable distance. Here at REALGOODS Company we routinely help our customers by providing the best freight service at a reasonable cost. One way to keep the transportation cost down is to pull the material from the closest location, but we did not have what Bob H.’s client needed anywhere close by.

The results can be seen in progress with the pictures included. Working hard to help our clients accomplish their goals is another reason to consider REALGOODS Company for your next stone project!

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