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How to decorate your room with reclaimed wood

Hardwood Flooring

Wood has served man in many different ways ever since the human race came into existence. From barns to roaring campfires, wood is a very versatile material that has helped us countless ways since it was first harvested. Unfortunately, high demand has been depleting reserves and taking trees out of Earth’s ecosystem at an alarming […]

Benefits of Slate Roofing

When building a home, the part of the house considered the least tends to be the roof. Often times the focus is on the interior design and décor or the exterior faces of the house. Why you may ask? Well, many times people glance at a roof and see the same old shingles or maybe […]

Tips For Selecting Ideal Engineered Hardwood Floors

Engineered Hardwood Floor

When you are ready to invest in new hardwood floors for your home, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of new flooring options. There are factors to think about before selecting new floors, and engineered hardwood can be an excellent choice. Engineered hardwood floor is made from several layers of wood, and it is […]

How to use Natural Stone to Complete Your Exterior

How to use Natural Stone to Complete Your Exterior

Natural stones are a versatile landscaping material which offer your home endless possibilities. Steps designed from natural stones pair well with many garden styles. For example, rugged stone steps surrounded by bushes blend well with nature as well as adding to the overall curb appeal and charm of the property. Natural stone steps help to […]

3 Best Flooring Ideas to Boost Your Resale Value

Wide Plank Southern Yellow Pine floors

Home remodeling projects are viewed as one of the best ways to enhance the resale value of your home. Simple updates such as paint or new light fixtures can provide your home with a new feel, but to complete any renovation you must be sure to address the floor. Installation of quality flooring makes your […]

Choose Natural Stones to Create a Welcoming Exterior

natural stone

To select a natural stone, it is important to put aesthetics at the fore. Considering your requirements and how the stone performs will help you procure the desired outcome. With so many different types of stone in the market ranging from limestone and granite to marble, sandstone, and travertine, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. […]

Buy Granite Cobblestone Online at Great Prices

Cobblestones are small blocks of paving material that is made using natural stone. True cobblestones are natural stones and are usually granite, but sometimes they can also be limestone, basalt, or any other stone. The original cobblestone pavers occur in a naturally rounded stone that is accumulated from stream beds. Today, the term cobblestone implies […]

Choose A Landscape Architect to Beautify Your Landscape

Choose A Landscape Architect to Beautify Your Landscape

Adding natural stone boulders to your landscape design will offer a wondrous effect and reveal authentic-earth beauty. The large yet splendid landscaping rocks, also known as limestone boulders, can change the vibe and appearance of your property. An architect can help you to design your property landscape to best incorporate and position these magnificent stones. […]

Make Your Driveway More Functional With Cobblestone

Make Your Driveway More Functional With Cobblestone

Cobblestone pavers are small blocks made from natural stone. Many homeowners get confused between concrete pavers and cobblestone pavers. The former is made from concrete brick, whereas the latter is always designed from natural stones like limestone, granite, basalt, etc.  Ancient cobblestone pavers were the rounded stones that were collected from stream beds. The quarried […]

Install Barn Stone and Say Goodbye to Dull Wall Stones

Install Barn Stone and Say Goodbye to Dull Wall Stones

Before concrete became the dominant construction material, barns were built from strong and attractive limestone, sandstone, or granite. The old barn stones were hand-cut smoothly on all four sides and that is what makes them distinct from today’s quarried stones. The scraping marks define a human touch on a hard stone surface, which seems softer.  […]