Belgian Block Pavers – A Popular Option for Homeowners

Are you looking to pave your driveway using the best pavers available? Are you interested to pave with a durable paving material that can last a lifetime? If this is the case, Belgian block pavers are the natural building material that will exceed your expectations.

Cobblestone pavers, or simply cobblestones, are another name for Belgian blocks. These pavers are stone blocks that have very little or no connection to Belgium, but have kept the moniker Belgian Block since the stones were once used as a ballast in ships. These pavers are rectangular cubical-shaped stone blocks that come in a variety of colors and can be used for pavement, borders, and a variety of other landscape tasks.

Although Belgian block pavers have been around for centuries, concrete became popular and usurped the title as the most popular building and paving material. In more recent years many homeowners wished to go back to the ancient standards of stone paving to satisfy their need for a much more natural and time-tested paver.

These stone blocks are the greatest solution if you want an attractive and unusual material for the driveways that is also durable and sturdy. Belgian block pavers can help make a unique home by increasing the curb appealThey offer many beneficial properties, but compared directly to concrete or asphalt cobblestone pavers offer the following main advantages:

  • Durability
  • Resistance to stain
  • Much easier to repair

Common uses of Belgian Block

One most typical use for a Belgian block is as a driveway edging. This is a simple DIY project that adds a nice finishing touch to a driveway while also preventing autos and other vehicles from deviating off the concrete surface and onto nearby flower beds or grassy areas.

While these blocks can always be laid at a similar height to pavers or any other driveway materials, many homeowners may prefer to have them installed slightly raised above a level of the surrounding pavement to better define the edge.

Belgium block pavers are also commonly used as roadside edging, in addition to driveways. In this role the blocks act as a curb, separating the road from any neighboring property, this is usually a project undertaken by the municipality or a developer instead of an individual homeowner.

Jumbo Belgian blocks, which are 10″ × 7″, are frequently preferred for this purpose, rather than conventional-sized blocks, which are more commonly 9″ in length and 5″ in breadth.

Belgian block is also commonly used to separate planting and flower areas around a property. Not only does this add a unique decorative element to the landscape but also prevents grass from invading the beds from your adjacent lawn. When used in this manner, many homeowners may prefer to put them with certain long sides touching rather than lining up the blocks end to end.

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