Belgian Block Pavers – An Excellent Choice for Your Residence

After a season of salt, snow, and shoveling, an asphalt or concrete driveway might start to look a little shabby around the edges. These driveways will need replacing or heavy maintenance before too long if they are to remain operational. If you are looking for a way to expand the longevity of your driveway, look no further than modern cobblestone pavers! Originally starting out as naturally rounded stones obtained from stream beds, cobblestone pavers, better known as Belgian block pavers, have evolved to be shaped paving stones made from granite, one of the hardest natural materials on earth.

Belgian block pavers may be installed with just a few tools and a hired saw to cut through the edge of your current driveway. A clean row of Belgian block stones along each side of your driveway can add curb appeal while also guiding you into and out of the driveway. When the weather heats up, plant vibrant flowers alongside the edging, and you will appreciate how this project transforms your entire front yard. If you want even more differentiation for your driveway or edging project, opt for antique cobblestone. These stones have a lovely patina giving them a truly old world-class look and feel. These stones are clear proof of their endurance and continuing true beauty, having been in use for more than centuries.

By installing a cobblestone edging on the sides of your driveway, you are allowing the cobblestones to absorb the downward edge forces that would usually be focused on the weakest part of a standard driveway. Since the cobblestones are made from granite, they are very dense and will wear well compared to most other building materials. Driveways made entirely from Belgian block pavers can last for generations even if they see a decent amount of traffic. Edging made from the blocks which will see some traffic, but not as much as the main driveway and could last for many generations due to the incredible durability of the cobblestones.

You just read about the incredible durability of Belgian block pavers and how they last for generations, but what happens if the unthinkable happens and one of the blocks becomes damaged? Not to worry! Many cobblestone paver driveways and edging aprons are dry laid and then the cracks between the stones are filled in with sand or another loose substrate. This is important because unlike a concrete or asphalt driveway where the entire thing needs replaced to look brand new, cobblestones allow you to remove and replace singular blocks in order to restore the clean look of the edging you have created.

We at REAL GOODS Company are here for you and all of your Belgian block needs. We have been supplying high quality natural stone and hardwood products around the world for decades and have a robust supply chain to ensure we can bring you competitive prices, timely delivery, and great service. Give us a call today to start planning your improved driveway edging or to see how we can facilitate your other dream projects!

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