Belgian Block Pavers: The Most Durable Material for Driveways

Are you planning to use the highest quality pavers for your driveway? Do you want to install the most durable paving material in your driveway that will last for generations? If yes, then choosing Belgian block pavers is the best option. Belgian blocks are also known as cobblestone pavers. These pavers can be described as blocks of stone that have little or no affiliation with Belgium itself, but have retained the name Belgian Block from the historical fact that the stones were used as ballast in ships from the distant past. These pavers are large rectangular or cubical shaped pieces of stone that come in 10 to 12” lengths and various heights. Many varieties are made of granite and can be used for paving, borders, and numerous other types of landscape projects.

Granite Cobblestone pavers are also known as Belgian blocks because they have the same historical relevance as when ships of antiquity set sail from European ports searching for goods to trade. As mentioned previously, blocks of stone were used as ballast for ships that were light in weight. The belly of these ships were filled with the goods purchased, and blocks of stone were left behind and used for street paving. Therefore, cobblestone pavers are also known as Belgian blocks today.

These blocks are popular choices for driveways, courtyards, aprons and edgings. They add a natural feel and inviting texture that create a memorable impression for the surroundings of your home or workplace. They are very dense stones and have been used as the most durable pavements for centuries. In more modern times concrete became popular, but many homeowners over the years, wanted to return to the old stone paving standards to meet their desire for a more natural and time tested paver. Concrete and asphalt had become bland, and unsuitable to their taste, realizing that Belgian block or cobblestone pavers would make their property more outstanding in their neighborhood. Hence, for discerning folks, the choice to go with Belgian block pavers, was an easy one. If you are looking for an attractive and unique material for your driveway, that is enduring and resilient, then choosing these stone blocks is the best option.

For homeowners who want to make their home unique, while increasing its curb appeal, these blocks are an ideal solution. They are available in different colors, and can be installed in several patterns in a way that matches your personality, complements your style, and makes your home stand out. In addition to this, there are several benefits of choosing Belgian block pavers:

Durability: They are extremely strong and durable. They are so strong that in fact they will perform for hundreds of years, all the while gathering a beautiful patina over time. Belgian block is capable of withstand the elements even in the harshest of environments, standing the test of time, eliminating any need for replacement. The longevity and durability of these pavers make them an ideal choice among homeowners.

Stain-resistant: Another benefit is that the stones can be sealed using a paver sealer which makes them resistant against stains. Staining is one of the most common and unavoidable problems with concrete driveways, as oil, tire marks, spills and other leaks from vehicles can easily make a mess out of concrete. With concrete driveways, stains are difficult if not impossible to remove. Stains on concrete requires hard scrubbing, and in the end the stain may be permanent. Thankfully, cobblestone pavers are much more difficult to stain once they have been sealed.

Easy to repair: One of the most common problems with concrete driveways is they are difficult to repair. If a concrete driveway becomes damaged, cracked, or discolored and worn, replacement is the only option that can give the driveway its previous look and strength. However, this is not the case with Belgian block pavers. If the substrate under a Belgian block washes out, the individual block can be easily removed, the aggregate replaced and the stone reset.

If you are interested in using Belgian block pavers for your driveway or courtyard, please contact REALGOODS Company for fast professional service. We are here specifically to provide high-quality stones at affordable prices. We are ready to help you achieve your goal of building an outstanding Belgian block driveway providing you with the desired enhancement of your home.

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