Benefits of Installing Pre Finished Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a floor type that everyone is familiar with. This type of flooring material has been used for centuries in both homes and offices. Although unfinished hardwood flooring is still in use today, pre finished hardwood flooring materials have become increasingly popular over the last 15 to 20 years. Pre finished hardwood flooring varieties have increased in number as compared to traditional unfinished hardwood planks. The expansive selection of prefinished solid hardwood and engineered flooring comes in many diverse species, grades, stains and finishes.

There are plenty of benefits of purchasing and installing pre finished hardwood flooring. However, there are so many choices, that making your selection can be a time consuming challenge. One of the most common steps to purchasing hardwood floors is to decide whether to choose prefinished or unfinished wood. While unfinished wood is a classic choice, pre finished hardwood floors are a more desirable choice for many homeowners.

Top Benefits of Choosing Pre Finished Hardwood Floors for Homes

Easier to install: Installation of these floors is easier and facilitates a quickly completed project, as compared to unfinished floors. As they are already coated in a factory setting, they do not need to be sanded and finished on-site. Hence, the elimination of the need to put up with the noise, dust and toxic smells that come while installing unfinished flooring. As a result, Pre finished floors are easier and at times more affordable to install.

Durability: Pre finished floors come with various coats of finish and strengtheners applied with the help of a UV-curing technology in a strictly-controlled factory settings. Consequently, Pre finished Hardwood Floors are durable and come with manufacturer warranty. Factory applied finished woods are abrasion resistant. They are free of dust, brush hair, swirl marks, and so on. They do not have any toxic odors. In general, Pre finished floors surfaces may never need refinished, wheras site-finished hardwood floors typically last several years before needing to be refinished. Most of these pre finished floors last for decades.

Non-toxic: When you choose to install pre finished floors, you do not have to deal with mess and noise. Installation comes with zero toxins and unpleasant smells that are unavoidable when it comes to finishing a traditional unfinished floor on site. One of the most amazing benefits is that they are ideal for high traffic areas, or households with pets, children, or people with allergies. They are also considered as a hypo-allergenic flooring solution.

Natural texture: In addition to non-toxic and durability, factory applied finishes are highly transparent that allows preserving the look of natural wood texture as well as the depth of color to the maximum. Pre finished hardwood floors are available in many different colors, surface finishes, and styles. They are guaranteed to be free of dust, specks, and hair that sometimes go unnoticed when it comes to on-site finished floors.

One of the most common reasons why contractors choose pre finished flooring is because of the savings in labor and finishing materials that are eliminated. With prefinished flooring, when the floor planks are nailed down, the floor is immediately complete. Pre finished hardwood floors are typically the last element installed in order to avoid accidental damage to the surface. All these advantages make pre finished hardwood flooring materials ideal choice among homeowners, contractors, builders, and architects. So, what type of hardwood flooring do you prefer, and why?

Consider all these things and make your decision wisely. Please contact REALGOODS Company for fast professional service. We are here specifically to provide high-quality pre finished hardwood floors at affordable prices. We are ready to help you achieve your goal of building an outstanding living space providing you with the desired enhancement of your home.


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