Choose A Landscape Architect to Beautify Your Landscape

Adding natural stone boulders to your landscape design will offer a wondrous effect and reveal authentic-earth beauty. The large yet splendid landscaping rocks, also known as limestone boulders, can change the vibe and appearance of your property. An architect can help you to design your property landscape to best incorporate and position these magnificent stones.

Creative landscaping tips with boulders

Homeowners with garden space adore creating a landscape design including shrubs, flowers, bushes, water elements, stone, and more. Landscape architects will tell you that landscaping with boulders is exciting! Due to their huge size and dimension, they make interesting focal point in a landscape settings or garden design. A good architect can show you creative and fun placement for a single stone or a group of rocks. Architects can also offer helpful insight about how to best accent each stone. For example, they may suggest aboriginal flowers and tall grass which complement a single or group of limestone boulders gracefully.

Create a plan

Boulders are heavy and a challenge to move, so it is essential to have them positioned correctly the very first time. Architects can help you to determine the exact position of each stone and how it will be incorporated into the overall design of your landscape. The architect will often use the boulder as a visual anchor in order to find the placement of other landscaping elements. The boulders need to be a few inches or partially inside the ground for safety because kids love to play and climb on them. Having them partially imbedded even protects them against shifting or cracking due to stress over time. In addition, stones which are imbedded provide a more natural look and feel to your landscape.

Go big without hesitation

Choose a boulder that looks a little too large. People underestimate the size they need only to find that the rock is smaller than the landscape and home. A landscape architect can help you to determine the exact size that will look the best on your property.

Add levels in the design

With many sizes available, you can instruct the architect to use limestone boulders in a way that creates a landscape with distinctive levels. Determine the main areas where you desire to establish levels. You can use raised beds or it is great if you already have a slope. Add small landscape stones along with greenery to characterize each level even more.

Choose special rocks to attain a dramatic effect

Architects are great at creating a visual impact using either a solitary boulder or grouping rocks with different colors and textures. They can help you to choose a special stone with an angular or blocky feature on one corner and water-smoothed stones on another area of your yard.

Colors can set a mood

Limestone boulders come in a wide variety of colors and due to their size, they are often multicolored. Some of the colors an architect may incorporate into their design include ivory and white, black, yellow & red, taupe shades, or mellow grey colored boulders. They may also use other plants such as moss and lichen to help the boulders to inspire a specific mood. People feel good around several colors and you can certainly take advantage of boulder colors in your landscape design to set the mood.

Create accents with distinctive textures

One area where an architect can be helpful is when it comes to texture. Boulders are available in a plethora of textures ranging from rough and angular to rounded and smooth. Mossy boulders, weathered limestone rocks, or stones with lichen can add to your creative texture options. An architect will be able to walk you through each distinctive texture and how it fits with your tastes.

Where to buy landscape boulders?

Landscaping stones and limestone boulders can be purchased from REALGOODS Co. The majority of landscaping rocks available are acquired from Pennsylvania and its surrounding regions; however, boulders may be collected Western States or internationally depending on the needs of the customer. Customers can choose from a wide array of options in terms of sizes, colors, and styles. We pride ourselves on quality and top rate customer service. Call us today to see how you can incorporate these amazing stones into your property design.

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