Choose Interior Stone Veneer for Your Home

These days you can find several options available in the market meant for your home exterior and also for interior décor. Interior stone veneer may easily be the best material for this purpose and it is also quite an affordable option. You will find that stone veneer has great value as well as beauty; hence most homeowners, architects, and designers often choose interior stone veneer over all other veneer options.

Such interior stone veneer use is something that has only recently become popular in the United States, but people have been using it for ages. You can veneer used on various old Egyptian Pyramids and the Greek Parthenon. During those days, this was considered a sign of prosperity and wealth. Today many customers prefer to use stone veneers when remodeling their homes.

Few different varieties of stone veneers for your selection

A few natural stone veneers can be found that are actually a slice of the specific type of real stone, and a few are manufactured to offer a look of a stone. If you want to select natural stone, then you have the following few options:

• Marble is a luxury stone that can also be maintained easily
• Granite is a stone famous for its durability and strength
• Travertine is a kind of limestone that is used inside and also outside
• Limestone is quite versatile and inexpensive variety of stone
• Soapstone is a very popular stone that can easily be installed
• Sandstone can be a delicate stone, but has a lot of has natural beauty
• Slate is a sophisticated, non-porous, and needs no maintenance

The following are some of the benefits of using real natural stone veneer:

1. Customizable
Most types of natural stones are found in nature in a variety of natural colors. For example, granite is often thought of as being gray in color; however, it comes in many other shades including white, black, and pink. This multitude of options gives you the homeowner an opportunity to create a design or choose a color that fits your existing décor.

2. Can work very well with many materials
Interior stone veneers can work well with several materials including metal, wood, brick, and cement. Also, as it tends to pair quite well aesthetically with all these materials, hence you can always mix and match for more intricate interior design opportunities.

3. Durable and also easy to clean
Stone veneers are durable, heat resistant, and quite easy to clean. Natural stone was formed in nature and is well suited to withstand all types of weather. Unless you have a very unique indoor atmosphere, all of the stones mentioned above should remain like new for a very long time.

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