Choose Natural Stones to Create a Welcoming Exterior

To select a natural stone, it is important to put aesthetics at the fore. Considering your requirements and how the stone performs will help you procure the desired outcome. With so many different types of stone in the market ranging from limestone and granite to marble, sandstone, and travertine, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. One great option which we will explore is called blue stone. Continue reading to learn how this natural stone can enhance your homes exterior!


Natural blue stone cladding an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits your home. A natural stone cladding adds a unique beauty to your home also maintaining a level of elegance. The unfinished-looking stone wall creates a contrast with clean lines and forms beautiful blended exteriors. The gritty, and unfinished appearance of the stone cladding works as a visually impressive counterpoint to the regular smooth and streamlined exterior.
Stone exteriors, blue stone in particular, offer resistance to chemicals and do not require as much maintenance as other exterior materials. The stones are color fast, meaning that they will not fade or lose their color from exposure to the sunlight or harsh weather. A simple hosing off one or two times per year will keep the stones looking as good as the day they were installed. This durable material can also help to insulate your home which is great for keeping heating and cooling bills in check.

Patios and Walkways

Another great use for natural blue stone is building a patio or walkway. These stones come in various colors and patterns and the naturally occurring veins ensure that no two stones are alike. If you use a multitude of sizes for your patio, the blue stones can be arranged into different designs and patterns to fit your taste.
One popular option for walkways is created by grouping a few bluestones together and leaving space in between for other materials such as grass or small pebbles. If you would like a more traditional walkway path, you can arrange various sized bluestones together to form a solid path to your exact specifications. Bluestones have a naturally textured surface, but when installed correctly, they offer the viewer nice, clean lines which give the entire surface an elegant and highly polished appearance.

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Natural blue stone can transform the different areas in your home into a work of art. Their light in weight nature makes them superior to other materials and their polished look will be sure to wow your guests. Contact us today to start your next project with natural blue stone.

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