Choose Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring to Impress Your Guests & Visitors

Homeowners who wish to install hardwood flooring naturally gravitate towards wider planks. Wood planks that are wider than 2 ½” to 4” in width are referred to as ‘wide plank flooring’. In the past, solid wood boards were hand scraped to make the wide plank flooring, which had a rough and carved surface texture. Today wide planks produced from solid wood boards can be made to look vintage distressed or even given a smooth texture. Hardwood comes from a variety of tree species such as maple, oak, and walnut, and often can be sanded and refinished.

Pre finished hardwood floors look and feel like solid hardwood. The construction comprises of two layers – a high-quality plywood layer at the bottom and a hardwood bonded over it. Due to the savings in wood, pre finished hardwood floors are significantly less expensive than floors made of solid wood planks.

Why choose wide plank size?

Narrow wooden boards look uniform, but wide planks exhibit an exotic feel, which can intrigue your visitors and guests. If you are still not convinced about choosing a wide plank size, then here are some good reasons:

Easy installation

A single wide plank can take the space of 2 or 4 narrow strips. Remember, the wider the coverage the fewer planks needed to cover the entire floor, thus speeding up the installation process. Furthermore, it reduces the labor charges and related installation cost so that you can enjoy your new floor sooner.

Dimensional stability

Pre finished hardwood floors are dimensionally more stable than unfinished solid wood. Wide planks need more dimensional firmness [measures the expansion or contraction of a wood plank to relative humidity] to handle the moisture in the air. You can enjoy engineered wide plank flooring without any concerns of buckling or gapping.

Visual expansion

Large tiles are installed in small rooms to create an expansive feel. Similarly, wide plank hardwood flooring reduces the number of visible creases and lines making space look more open to the eyes.

Natural appearance

The wide planks feature varieties of texture, knots, color variations, and grains because of its broad width. It offers flooring a unique and natural look and the exotic appeal adds an awesome visual interest.

Wide alternatives

Wide planks are available in different types of wood. There are no limitations and you will find wide planks in a variety of species ranging from hardwood to softwood and exotic to antique and reclaimed collections. If you choose engineered floors, they are cheaper than the unfinished wide wood planks; however, both are durable and can handle a lot of abuse.

Find premium wide plank wood flooring at Real Goods Company

Since 2003, the RealGoods Company has been supplying hardwood and natural stone floors nationwide and internationally. We have concentrated on offering exotic unfinished hardwood, solid hardwood, wide plank southern yellow pine floors, and pre finished hardwood flooring products to our customers. We also supply different types of natural stones including Bluestone, Granite cobblestone, Wall stone, Stone Veneer, Landscape Boulders, Barn stone, Millstones, etc.

We offer professional advice to our valued customers regarding their wood flooring plans. It doesn’t matter if you are on a tight budget, we have alternatives that suit your needs without any concerns about quality compromise. Lean on our knowledge and experience to enjoy visually appealing and durable flooring!

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