Create an Inviting Environment in Your Home by Choosing Hardwood Flooring

For decades, hardwood floors have been enhancing the beauty of homes in the US. Kings and Queens have their palaces decorated with elegant hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring is known for its beauty and durability, which is the reason it is famous all over the world. Those who consider carpets as traditional covering are now switching to wooden flooring for low maintenance costs.

The biggest dilemma for a homeowner is to decide whether to install unfinished or pre finished hardwood floors; however, choosing the latter is more a more convenient and safer alternative for some homeowners. Choosing pre finished hardwood flooring helps to keep kids, adults, pets, plants, furniture, etc. away from installation products and hazardous fumes which can disturb health. Although unfinished hardwood floors are still quite in demand, pre-finished hardwood flooring is growing in popularity because installation is quick and easy, and can even be completed in a single day.

Benefits of hardwood floors 

In many houses in the US, hardwood floors are the focal point for interior beauty. They come in different types of woods and can be given color, and pattern of your choice. Here are some benefits of using hardwood flooring:

  • It gives a natural look with grains and marks on the wood plank. These features provide an added appeal to any room and the natural solid wood color adds a unique richness.
  • Hardwood floors are durable and long-lasting because of the matte and gloss finish which keeps it stain and scratch-resistant. They don’t fade and even if there are any scratches, they can’t be seen due to the natural wood design and pattern.
  • There are numerous choices available in wood floorings like pine, walnut, maple, hickory, birch, etc. Each wood has its own shades, grains, and marks that make it look unique.

Pre finished hardwood floors have various options available in the market. Not only are there different types of wood, but also other patterns and finishing color tones are available to mate well with any décor. Compared to the past, homeowners will be delighted to know that today’s engineered planks have better construction and durability ensuring elegant brilliance for years to come.

How to choose the correct hardwood floor 

Not all types of wooden floors complement each house. The interior and wooden flooring should complement each other. Therefore, while selecting a hardwood floor keep in mind these few things:

  • If you’re choosing a dark wooden floor, then add many lights and light shades on walls to make the room look spacious. American hickory hardwood has a dark stain, which is perfect for kitchen or dining areas.
  • If the walls and furniture are dark-colored, then choose the natural shade of hardwood planks. Maple and natural white oak are good choices because they have less grain which makes it lighter in the shade.
  • If you want hardwood flooring that can easily adapt to various stains then consider a more neutral option such as wide plank hardwood oak floors.

There are various options for wooden floors available in the market. Some homeowners prefer an exotic look that comes from mahogany, Brazilian cherry, or African wenge that gives different texture and color to the room. Others prefer hand scraped wood floors that resemble the reclaimed floor with various markings on it.

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We supply hardwood floors and natural stone across the US and the globe. If you need advice on wooden flooring, please feel free to contact Real Goods Company so that we can use our years of experience to help you make the right choice. Our experts will help to ensure you get premium quality materials at a fair price.

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