Create an Inviting Exterior by Installing Natural Stones

The exterior appeal of your home is crucial, especially if you are planning to sell it soon. It creates an optimistic first impression influencing the prospective buyer’s decision. Even if you don’t plan to sell, curb appeal is equally crucial. Curb appeal is used for more than just impressing your guests or making your neighbors envious; a high curb appeal welcomes you warmly as you return home after a hectic day at work.

Refreshing the exteriors using natural stone offers versatility. The material is unparalleled in terms of durability and visuals and it adds enduring style and dimension which will last for years. To create an inspiring landscape in your front yard, visit the RealGoods Company to look for products ranging from granite stone accents to customized natural stone steps

Simple ways to create an inviting exterior with natural stones

Granite steps

Customized front steps help to create an inviting and warm home entrance. Residents and the guests will use it daily, so besides aesthetics functionality is crucial when choosing the material. Therefore, granite is a great option for outdoor steps because it outweighs concrete, bricks, and wood in terms of durability and appearance.

Granite natural stone steps are designed to resist erosion from extreme weather and are even less slippery. You can order them customized to blend with the home layout and aesthetics.


A functional walkway using natural stone will make your home exterior look exclusive and inviting. You can customize the walkway by giving it a unique pattern and shape. You can choose a variety of natural stone designs ranging from asymmetrical arrangements to geometric patterns. Brick and concrete materials can chip or fade but natural stone pavers can handle the harsh sunlight and weather elements for years.

Driveway & garden edging

Create decorative borders using natural stones around the walkways and driveways. You can also border a planter bed or the garden with granite edging to highlight the natural features. Natural stone edgings fit a variety of styles ranging from contemporary to rustic.

Cobblestone apron

The function of cobblestone edging is similar to granite edgings. It is a wide paved border surrounding the planter beds or driveways. Granite material is great to create a cobblestone apron as it looks good, is functional, and durable. On steep surfaces, it offers traction due to the textured finish and makes your home stand out from the driveway.


Stone walls allow you to create a barrier between two properties and can even help to prevent soil erosion. They can be dry-stacked to create a weathered and natural look or mortared for extra structural support, especially great for tall walls. A granite stone wall can add to the exterior appeal and will last for decades when properly installed.


Proper lighting extends the curb appeal in the evening. A granite lamppost enhances the front yard appearance in daylight and is visually appealing when it gets lit at night. It offers extra safety and security since iron and wooden lampposts are vulnerable to rust and rot, but granite stone is a remarkable option that can handle the heat and freeze cycle with ease. Small granite lampposts can be a unique way to light the walkway towards your home entrance or patio.

Stone steps from RealGoods Company

Use RealGoods Company’s natural stone steps to make your homes exterior unique and inviting. Choosing natural stone steps can help you enjoy an elegant and eco-friendly landscape for years. We offer natural stones like granite, bluestone, limestone, flagstone, and travertine that can add extra beauty to your backyard, patios, front entrance, gardens, pool surrounding, pavilions, and courtyard.

We have even been in the stonework business since 2003, serving national and international customers. The experience and knowledge we gained greatly define our loyalty to our valued customers. Let us help you build your stone masterpiece today!

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