Everything you need to know about Stone Veneer Installation

When we build new homes or redesign old ones, we all want to use materials that have the strength to withstand harsh weather conditions and stay the same for a long time without worrying about additional repair or replacement costs.

Of course, a budget plays an important role in choosing the right material, but the durability of a material plays the major role here. No one wants to set up a wall that adds to our expenses by constantly needed repair and maintenance. Stone veneer installation for outdoor or indoor walls looks classy and will protect your property for years to come.

Stone veneer is a very versatile building material and has great architectural application in creating entire outdoor aesthetics or building smaller structures like fireplaces, statement walls, and chimneys. It adheres well to any surface, be it metal, wood, concrete, or brick and can be easily adapted to corners and even to curved surfaces.

What is a stone veneer?

Veneer means thin layer. Therefore, a stone veneer is a thin cut layer of real stones that are used to cover and protect outer walls from harsh weather and to create aesthetically appealing interiors.
Stone veneer installation involves the use of different types of veneer stone, which can be selected based on the color, style, size, and budget. The two different types of stone veneers that are used for architectural purposes are:

1. Faux stone:

• It is the type of veneer that is man-made by various craftsmen to give it a similar look and texture of a real stone.
• Cement, pigments, and natural minerals are combined to create a faux stone.
• These stones are beautiful and extremely durable; however, you need to be aware of manufacturers who sell synthetic polymers in the name of faux stones.

2. Natural stone veneers:

• These veneers are cut from real stones, mostly limestone, granite, or sandstone. Natural stone veneers each provide a unique, one-of-a-kind beauty and are not susceptible to looking the same from one house to the next like manmade alternatives.
• The stone depth for veneers is kept at 1 inch in-depth and is polished and shaped to make them adaptable to the surface to which the veneer has to be applied.
• Natural stone veneers are more durable than their manmade counterparts and can easily withstand strong winds or heavy rains.
• Thanks to their durability and inherent beauty, natural stones provide a very rustic yet elegant appearance to any home.
• Natural stones are color fast and will not show any degradation in the sun.
Advantages of stone veneers
Some people prefer rustic and natural aesthetics. They would choose wood for creating floors and walls inside their houses and natural stones to cover the outer walls or create fireplaces. Even if your style is not rustic, stone veneer can be applied in a way that exudes elegance. Natural materials are not just durable, require less maintenance, but are also beautiful and provide an earthy elegance to our homes in their unique ways.
Since a real rock wall or siding is very expensive and requires very skilled manpower for installation due to the weight of the rocks, natural stone veneers are a more affordable material that offers some of the same benefits at a fraction of the cost. Some of the benefits of stone veneers are:
• They are cheaper than natural rocks. Even if the veneers sound expensive initially, there is little to no maintenance cost involved, and you get to save in the long run.
• Compared to real stones, veneers are thinly cut, which makes them much lighter in weight and easier to install.
• Stone veneers are eco-friendly, easily recyclable, fire-resistant, and durable.
• The use of natural veneers can immediately give a facelift to home interiors and increases the resale value of homes.

There are some steps involved in the installation of a stone veneer, such as creating barriers and a metal lathe. It is best to leave that task to the professional to ensure you get a clean and efficient installation of the material.

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