Granite Cobblestone Project at Virginia Tech Granite Cobblestone Project at Virginia Tech

I personally cannot thank you enough for all your hard work, your support, your guidance, and your wisdom while assisting me along the way in preparing & presenting our plan for granite pavers vs stamped concrete on the V/T round-a-bouts. All our efforts got their attention, but in the end they are simply not willing to cough up any additional monies on this project.  I promise you that your kindness throughout this process will not be forgotten.  When any other opportunity surfaces in which we can use your product, you and your firm will be the first call I make at that time. The words were kind and greatly appreciated, but in the back of my mind, I knew there may be an opportunity to waiting around the corner during the upcoming Spring building season. I put Russell’s name on my to call list for April and patiently waited. Spring arrived, and I called Russell to find that no decision had been made. We both took that as a positive sign that perhaps the Granite Cobblestone was still being considered. Within the next few weeks, VDOT requested ASTM test data on the stone, Banking and Customer References and a historical description of Realgoods Company with information on our areas of expertise. All of this information was happily provided in a timely manner. Russell and I were determined to provide a full-proof plan that included samples and a mockup from the mason that the board couldn’t say no to. Finally, in late May, Russell’s company formally approved the cobblestone plans and placed the order! Russell was highly pleased and wrote,

I cannot thank you enough for, first – your patience, and all your assistance in our fight to get granite pavers installed on the Southgate Drive project @ V/T.

However, there was one last hoop set in front of me. All eleven truckloads of stone had to be delivered in less than ten days after the official approval with a holiday weekend taking up four of those ten days. Eleven loads in six days… my work was cut out for me. I was running against the clock. We immediately began working with two of our trusted freight brokers and one private flatbed carrier. Together with these trusted and motivated freight partners, we were able to meet our customer’s goal of all the deliveries in a very short period of time. We moved a “mountain” more than 600 miles in less than a week. In all, the installation moved along quickly and turned out beautifully.  

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