Granite Cobblestone – The Best Paving Option for Driveways & Courtyards

Concrete slabs have been dominating the driveway construction segment but, such driveways fail to fulfill the requirements and desires of homeowners who want their homes to stand out in the neighborhood. Fortunately, there are several alternative options available to rebuild your driveway. One of them is cobblestone driveway pavers.

Due to its availability in a variety of colors, ease of installation, and curb appeal, reclaimed cobblestone is viewed as the ideal alternative for driveway construction. In this article, we are going to learn more about the advantages of cobblestone driveway pavers.

About A Cobblestone

Cobblestone is seen to be the earliest paving method and has been around since the Roman period. Cobblestones are generally small-sized stones of several sizes and shapes. They are used for different objectives which include architecture, paving, and landscaping.

A driveway made of cobblestone has a distinctive and authentic look. Since it is a highly durable landscaping material the old-world charm of a cobblestone paver won’t just beautify your space but also enhance the home value.

The stone bricks add a visual appeal and ambiance that one can’t achieve through a gravel, asphalt, and concrete driveway. Furthermore, cobblestone is an environment-friendly option to develop your new driveway.

What Is The Ideal Cobblestone For Driveway?

Granite is a very hard, dense, durable, and colorful material used in the manufacture of cobblestone. This material can also blend easily with varying types of landscape. A granite cobblestone can withstand the heavyweight of several automobiles. This makes it an ideal construction material to use for a driveway.

Reclaimed granite cobblestones are longer and narrower compared to the present cobblestones. You can also get this paving material in various compelling natural colors. By comparison, newer cobblestones also come in a variety of colors, but are most often gray or brown.

Features That Make Cobblestone the Best Landscaping Natural Stone For The Driveway

Here are some of the interesting features offered by a cobblestone paver driveway:


Reclaimed cobblestone pavers are very strong and durable. This helps them withstand the entire weight of a vehicle for extending durations without getting cracked or damaged.

Stain Resistant

Another benefit of cobblestone pavers is that they are highly resistant to stains that result from tire marks, oil spills, and other types of leaks from vehicles that can discolor concrete. Unlike concrete driveways, the stains which do occur on the cobblestone paver driveways are easy to remove, thereby saving from hefty repairs.

Easy Repairs

If a concrete driveway gets damaged, discolored, or cracked, then the only option will be to replace it with a new one. This is very expensive. Maintaining a cobblestone paver driveway is simpler and economical over the long-term.

With simple repairs, you can regain the look and strength of your driveway easily. Enhanced freedom of design, better durability, and affordability with time, make cobblestone superior over concrete-based driveways.


The best part of Cobblestone pavers is that they look pleasing and can be installed in any pattern to complement your style, match your personality, and enhance your home appeal. Due to these various practical benefits of cobblestone paver driveways, it makes sense to choose them over concrete driveways.

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