Hardwood Floor – Ideal Flooring Material for Children and Pets

Hardwood floors have been used for decades by homeowners to display elegance and natural beauty. Other homeowners who choose carpeting are now switching to hardwood floors for a stately and more natural look for their homes. There are a variety of woods available in the market which are made from pine, maple, oak, etc. These different types of hardwood flooring are available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Often people get confused if they should buy unfinished or prefinished hardwood floors. Unfinished hardwood floors have a longer installation process because all of the finishing such as sanding and staining is completed after the floor is in place inside of the home. This can be hazardous for kids, adults, pets, and plants since it is difficult to keep chemicals odors and dust from entering other areas of the house.

Prefinished flooring is simple to install and also gives a natural matte look. Sometimes homeowners decide not to have the floor polished because they love its matte appearance with marks and grains on it.

Whether unfinished or prefinished, hardwood floors are the best option for a family with pets and children. Prefinished floors are good at resisting scratches and stains. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your pets with harsh nails like dogs and cats or kids dropping toys, sharp objects, and dragging furniture.

Types of Hardwood floors for kids and Pets

  • Prefinished engineered hardwood floors are the best flooring solution for managing untamed pets and destructive kids. It comes with aluminum oxide that makes the wood harder and more durable, perfect for kids and pets.
  • Hand-scraped wood is also a good choice for hiding accidental damages created by pets and children. Hand-scraped wood has imperfect beauty that hides scratches as well as any dents that might be present.
  • Chiseled edge hardwood has similar features, so those who don’t prefer hand-scraped wood might want to opt for this material. Both have similar properties and almost look the same.
  • Light-colored wooden flooring also helps to hide scratches, dents, and lines made by furniture, pets, and your kid’s toys.
  • Matte finish wooden floor may be better for kids and pets than glossy appearance because shiny objects reflect more. This means if there is a scratch, it will be visible through the glossy appearance, but the matte finish would work as a mask.

The primary benefit of using a wooden floor for the family is to avoid any cold surface which can be felt on tiles. This can be harmful to kids and pets during winters. Wood retains heat and feels warm when you sit on it.

Although natural hardwood is quite an in-demand and has been in the market for a long time, modern engineered hardwood floors are also a popular option. Engineered hardwood has specific characteristics that natural wood doesn’t contain. These properties are added to make it more forgiving than its solid hardwood counterpart. Installation of such hardwood has never been a problem and it can be used in moist areas like basements.

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