Hire Experts for Engineered Hardwood Floors Installation

In the recent years, the demand for engineered hardwood floors has increased due to their advantages over other types of flooring. Some of these advantages include a classy look, easy maintenance, and increased durability. Although DIY floor installation seems easy, considering professional installation service is the best option to ensure you will completely enjoy the benefits of your engineered hardwood floors.

Working with hardwood installers:

Hardwood installation typically involves 4 phases, such as:

Phase 1 – Size Estimation

When you talk to a company for hardwood flooring, they will send an estimator to the house to measure the floors. The estimator will use a wheel-type rolling device and long tape measure to produce the square-foot measurement of each room. The size estimator will also need to take notes regarding room features the final installer may need to work around such as a fireplace in the middle of one wall, a built-in bookshelf, or a support pillar.

Phase 2 – Price Estimation
In this phase, the estimator will sit with you for price estimation or he or she may go to their shop and call you back. The job of the estimator is to take the measurements taken from each room, take into account any features in the room that would create a more difficult installation, and finally decide how much flooring material you will need to complete the job with the least amount of waste possible. It is usually ideal to get price estimations from 2 or 3 companies before making a decision.

Phase 3 – Delivery & Acclimation
During this phase, the engineered hardwood floors are delivered and the flooring takes time to acclimate to the installation environment. This acclimation process allows the wood to reach a balanced moisture and temperature in relation to your home’s indoor atmosphere.

Phase 4 – Final Prep & Installation
During the final stage, a professional installer comes to the house in the morning to set up the saws in a garage or outdoors if you do not have a garage. If the floor is in the right condition, the installer will start the work immediately after his final preparations have been made. A professional installer will work efficiently and quickly, so by the evening at least 1 or 2 rooms will have new engineered hardwood floors.

Why should you hire a professional hardwood floor installation service?
The following are a few reasons that help you to understand the advantages of hiring a professional flooring installation service.

Professional expertise
Professional installers will have sound skills and good experience. This allows them to navigate the tough angles and areas in your home by using the correct tools. Research studies show that most DIY projects are not perfect and end up unevenly shaped. Hiring experts for hardwood floor installations ensures evenly finished and pleasing floors.

Long-lasting results
For people who want long-lasting, attractive floors, professional installation is an ideal choice. Unfortunately, DIY projects may end up unsuccessful, whereas a professional installer delivers safe, sound, and smooth work to improve the appearance of the house.

High-quality materials
Professional hardwood installation companies will have good knowledge about the materials used in engineered hardwood floors so they can help you choose the right materials to complete the project depending on the climate and environmental conditions.

Tips to find the best hardwood flooring installer
Choosing the best hardwood flooring installer is overwhelming. Here are a few tips that help you in choosing the one who can enhance the beauty and value of your home. They include:
• Get references from the store or distributor where you purchase flooring materials
• Ask your friends, relatives, and neighbors
• Consider online listings

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