How to Find A Reliable Installer for Natural Stones?

Natural stone installation in the house is an investment that every homeowner can enjoy all their life. Therefore, you need to choose the correct material along with a reliable natural stone installer. An installer is a craftsman who will transform the rough block into an appealing product.

How to find a reliable natural stone installer?

To find a natural stone mason or installer, you will need to look for professionals, who can get the project done right. Look for local stonemasons with skills, licenses, and experience to get the type of project you need to get done correctly. In case you have a specific material type in mind then double-check with the installer to see if they can get the stone at affordable rates. For example, Blue stone price tends to be a little more than flagstone since they are not accessible in all areas, but you can ask the installer if they have any connections with natural stone companies or suppliers.

Check reviews of their last 2 or 3 projects on Google. It will give you an idea of their craftsmanship quality. From the review tone, you know if they will be comfortable to work with the specific material you desire to install. For example, bluestone is a unique, natural material that lasts longer more than bricks or concrete pavers. It is a beautiful stone that will retain its beauty as long as it is properly sealed. So, before you hire a professional, ask the mason if they are comfortable working with your chosen material.

Never hesitate to ask your prospective installer relevant questions. The installer must be able to answer your questions and even make suggestions. For example, if marble is too expensive then the installer could suggest that the blue stone price may be more suitable for your budget. The installer will even help you choose natural stones that suit your lifestyle and are visually pleasing.

How to choose the best natural stone type?

Types of natural stones

  • Basalt
  • Bluestone
  • Granite
  • Jerusalem stone
  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Barn Stone
  • Stone Veneer

The type to choose will depend on factors like intended use, appearance, project size, and composition that offers sufficient strength and durability.


  • Color – There is a wide color variation. Jerusalem stone has pale hues, basalt is dark gray, limestone ranges from black to white, granite comes in thousands of colors, and bluestone is available in multiple blue tints.
  • Pattern – There is an extensive variation in the natural veining and patterns of different stones.
  • Texture & finish – You can see extreme variation ranging from finely-grained to coarsely fragmented and completely smooth. Common terms associated are sandblasted, honed, and polished.


  • Sustainability – There is hardly any transformation in its usable state. It is just cut and, in the future, it can get recycled to its original natural form.
  • Durability – It is dense and strong. Limestone cannot handle weathering but granite retains its pattern and color for a long time. So, consider weathering before you choose a specific stone for your project.
  • Maintenance – Certain stones break or turn slick with oxidizer deposits. Therefore, understand the maintenance need for the specific stone you choose.
  • Installation -Experienced stone installer is needed to execute the project safely and efficiently.

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