How to use Natural Stone to Complete Your Exterior

Natural stones are a versatile landscaping material which offer your home endless possibilities. Steps designed from natural stones pair well with many garden styles. For example, rugged stone steps surrounded by bushes blend well with nature as well as adding to the overall curb appeal and charm of the property. Natural stone steps help to bring out and convey the overall theme of your property whether it be rustic, elegant, or natural. Furthermore, the steps add functionality, value, and beauty to the landscape. Continue reading to learn more about why a set of natural stone steps is the right choice for your home’s exterior.

Why choose stone steps instead of concrete steps?

• Increases property value
• Does require nearly as much upkeep since there are no worries about repairing cracks
• Many options in terms of textures, colors, sizes, and shapes
• Thick stone blocks are virtually shatter-proof and are much more durable than their concrete counterparts. They are capable of handling harsh weather and hardly shift or sink over time.
• Eco-friendly option
• A great long-term investment

Common natural stone material ideal for steps

• Limestone
• Granite
• Bluestone
• Travertine
• Flagstone

Finishing options for your natural stones

• The unaltered, natural finish on every side including the top and bottom surfaces for the most natural straight out of the earth feel.
• Natural edge – The top & bottom surfaces are sawn off to create a flat stepping surface, but the edges are unaltered and natural.
• Snapped – The top & bottom surfaces are natural but edges are snapped with a stone guillotine. This finish option helps to create uniform width and depth options.
• Dimensional – The entire stone is sawn to attain a flat, highly polished rock-faced finish.

Stone steps are available in many different sizes. You can choose stones with heights ranging from 2” to 7” depending on your project needs. You can even choose a large natural stone to create an impressive step and have it cut to suit the riser or step or height of the stairs. If you choose natural stone steps with an unaltered finish, the stone stairs will look as if they have been in your landscape for years and got the shape from water and wind. Each stone does not need to be smoothly cut since even a rugged and rough stone can offer a royal and regal look. You can also opt for reclaimed steps which REALGOODS Co. sources from old homes and demolition sites.

How to enhance your stone steps

Stones have many more uses than just building stairs. They can be used creatively in the landscape to build walls or an entire patio. Natural stone steps can be seamlessly transitioned into a pathway or walkway made of natural stones. The asymmetrical and irregular shape of stone stairs makes offer more freedom and creativity when designing your exterior walkway layout. Water features can also be integrated into the design to accentuate the beauty of your natural stone stairs.

REALGOODS Co has been in the business of helping customers install natural stones to their properties since 2003. We source and supply all of the stones you just read about both nationally and internationally. Our experts can help you to choose the natural stone steps which are most suitable for your project needs and budget. Give us a call today to start designing your exterior with natural stone steps!

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