Impress Your Guests and Visitors by Installing Natural Stones

When guests enter a hotel lobby, they see the receptionist’s desk and the seating area. The interior of a lobby or entrance hall tends to be extremely opulent and rich since it acts as a welcoming stage and meeting hub for worldwide visitors. Interior decoration and grandeur need to look visually impressive at a glance from the entrance and within the hotel. The lobby needs a flooring solution that can handle high foot traffic without prematurely getting worn out or losing its appeal. There are a variety of flooring options to choose from and many of these options can be blended with natural stone steps to increase the overall aesthetic appeal of the hotel foyer.

Different hotel flooring materials for durability and aesthetic

Stone & mirrored tiles

When mirrored tiles are used with neutral and smooth stone pieces, it makes the hotel foyer appear festooned. This combination can be used to accent borders and walls, or on rectangular columns and around the fireplace. It will reflect the light from the stunning chandelier in the evening and during the daytime, sun rays entering from the windows make the space feel warm and homey.

Mosaic tiles with Mother of Pearls

To transform a stone mosaics sharp shine into a soft luster, you can integrate Mother of Pearls into the design or surrounding area. Mother of Pearls do not reflect light like mirror tiles, but they do generate fascinating lighting effects.

Glass mosaic tiles

Glass mosaic tiles offer a subtle glowing effect. They are a great option for a hotel foyer with extra natural lighting. Using strips of these tiles will achieve a sleek modern look. Mosaic tiles help to create multiple themed designs for a feature wall. There are many different colors of glass so choosing glass mosaic tiles will provide you with a natural collage placed permanently in the hotel foyer.

Etched stone design

If you would prefer something with a little less shine, go for a monochrome theme. The black and white intricate patterns including floral or paisley motifs can look intriguing. The etching technique employed in these laser cut designs will influence the guests to run their fingers on these fascinating tiles.

Marble tiles

Marble stones have natural venation and sheer luster. It is the first choice for hotel flooring. Marble has a natural glaze and shine. For high-end statement, no other flooring solution can be compared with marble, especially the white big tiles. Large bluish or whitish gray marble stones can turn into the hotel foyer’s show stopper. Marbles can be used in more than just a white and black scheme; you can choose anything ranging from Luna green to deep blue.

Travertine tiles

Tavertine tiles are a versatile and practical option for the lobby. They have great weather-resistant and absorbing properties. Due to their robustness and durability, travertine tiles are a popular choice for high traffic zones. Polished varieties are available in different hues and tones along with interesting patterns. The tones are generally earthy and comforting. Travertine also resembles marble but is a softer material.


Slate, like marble, is a tough material which can resist cracking and crumbling, as well as handle the day-to-day wear and tear. Slate can deal with high traffic in the hotel lobby as long as it is sealed to prevent stains. Multicolored slate is a perfect solution to any staining worries as it will help to hide any dirt that has accumulated on the floor.

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