Increase the Value of Your Property by Installing Belgian Blocks

As a homeowner, you always try to increase the cost of your house by maintaining it well. However, is it only the interior that matters? Remember that the exterior walkways, walls, and driveways increase your home’s value. The first attraction of your house is the driveway, and that should be beautifully maintained. It is the first thing anyone sees when they visit a home whether it be as a potential buyer or just as a friend paying a visit. Degrading the appearance of the driveway is a detriment to the overall beauty of your home.

What are Belgian Blocks?

Using cobblestones or Belgian blocks for the exterior of a house increases its value. These large rectangular or cubical shaped stones are made of granite. They’re mainly used for paving, landscaping projects, and borders; however, Belgian block pavers have recently been used for different purposes like Edging, Aprons, Walls, Steps, Walkways, and sculptures.  They are durable, and the stone accents any property with natural beautiful. Thanks to its strength and versatility, Belgian blocks are in high demand. Adding cobblestone to your exterior will create a dramatic effect due to the stone’s naturally unique structure.

Things to Consider While Constructing a Driveway

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while installing a driveway –

  • Various materials can be used for making a driveway. If you go with inexpensive material, your maintenance cost will be higher in the long term; whereas, expensive materials will take a toll of your budget. Belgian blocks are best to create driveway pavers because they look good in appearance and the cobblestone price is reasonable.
  • While installing concrete, you may often face problems of cracks if the base is not level. When using Belgian block, this problem can be avoided by filling in gaps with adhesive and cement to prevent an uneven driveway and cracks.

Why are edgings important for you drive ways?

Belgian Block Pavers offer advantages because they are durable and stain resistant. Moreover, the repairs costs are cheaper, because only the damaged parts of the driveways need to be replaced and fixed rather than the entire driveway. Most contractors recommend having driveway edges, rather than leaving them flat at the ends.

Let us check out some of the reasons why you should consider having raised edges.

  • Protection for your driveway
  • Your lawn also gets protection
  • Will reduce repair works and maintenance costs
  • Soil erosion will be prevented
  • Landscaping will look well organized
  • Makes it easier to park vehicles
  • Improves the overall aesthetics

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