Install Barn Stone and Say Goodbye to Dull Wall Stones

Before concrete became the dominant construction material, barns were built from strong and attractive limestone, sandstone, or granite. The old barn stones were hand-cut smoothly on all four sides and that is what makes them distinct from today’s quarried stones. The scraping marks define a human touch on a hard stone surface, which seems softer.

Every barn stone has a history to convey. Real Goods Company has gathered barnstone from historical buildings and barn foundations generally in Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. These authentic stones are created by the yesteryears skilled craftsmen, which are available to add value to your project. Pull those dull wall stones down and use barn stones to improve the outdoor or indoor surroundings using a piece of American history.

The old barns of the past get pulled down and the old stone and wood get reclaimed, restored, and sold to homeowners who take pride in adding a little piece of history to their homes. You will find barn stones in different shapes, sizes, and grades. The stone company carries everything ranging from pristine wall barn stone [Grade 1A] to outcropping [Grade 2].

Grade A-1 barn stone

  • Each side of the barn stone is squared off and considered perfect.
  • You can get a range of overall sizes but without any concerns, you can find multiple matching sizes, which allows for easy stacking.

With the reclaimed barn foundation stones, homeowners can get creative and design unique projects like flowerbeds, retaining walls, benches, etc. The stones salvaged from the early 1800s historical structures are actually breathtaking. The majority of the stones are manually chiseled.

The stone company even stores usable stones like mossy rocks, boulders, top rock, and landscaping stones that were not a part of barn structure but have been settled on the properties for decades or millennia or centuries. Homeowners can check for such special stones to incorporate into their landscaping project.

Creative ideas to use salvaged and reclaimed barn stone

Seating areas 

Reclaimed stone can be installed in the garden to create a bench seating area. The stone has a cool surface and rounded edge so is great for sitting and enjoying the garden serenity. The thickness is also ideal for seating height rather than creating something from bricks or ledge stone that could visually appear too busy.

Retaining walls

Retaining walls are prone to shifting over time but large barn stones are less prone to get pushed. If you use large blocks it creates a heavier as well as grandeur look.

Diving platforms

You can incorporate natural barnstone as a diving area with your square pool and stone wall background.

Create edges

You can create the pool edge with barn stone or around the patio or create a border around the perennial garden.

Allow the creative juices to flow and bring history to life once again not just with barn stones but you can even use salvaged barn woods. From the old barns, even old wood gets salvaged and transformed into engineered timber flooring. It offers a stunning look to your kitchen or the dining area.

We at Real Goods Company are proud to offer customers antique barnstone varieties that can enhance your project’s uniqueness and personality. A historical handmade stone piece comes to life as every texture and shape of the stone offers a connection to the yesteryears of several generations.

Our historical barn stone products are of the best quality and are well prepared to fuse with the present and future. If you are interested in the fusion of past, present, and future then we are keen to work with you! Give us a call today to see how barnstone can be incorporated into your next project!

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