Install Wide Plank Southern Yellow Pine floors in Your Living Room

Most people love to have the smooth cool feel of wood beneath their feet. One of the most common types, pine flooring, has been used for centuries. It is easy to install and gives a rich look to rooms and halls where it can accent the chosen décor.

Different types of pine flooring
Pine flooring comes with various options that help to add stylish designs to your rooms depending on your preferences. You can make use of various textures, dimensions, and colors to create a different look in each of your rooms. Before choosing any material, know how the material is dried, sourced, and manufactured.
There are a variety of pine flooring materials available, including Eastern white pine, Longleaf yellow pine, Milled Barnwood flooring, wide plank Southern yellow pine flooring, and more. Among those, wide plank Southern pine flooring is one of the best options to consider as it is versatile and beautiful.

About yellow pine wood

Source – Yellow pine wood is sourced from Mid-Atlantic and Southern states, including Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Louisiana. It is distributed throughout the nation for home improvement.

Harvest – Yellow pine wood yields from rangeland, regenerated forests, cropland, and trees where lumber is grown.
Wide plank southern yellow pine is the desirable choice of people who want to reduce the wear and tear appearance on the floors. Also, it has been a classically popular and cost-effective option for people throughout many decades. The widely decorated grains give warmth to the whole house from the living room to the kitchen. The planks can be stained and finished in many different colors and tones to suit your home needs.

Why should you choose Southern pine wood for your floors?
Pine flooring is an environmental-friendly, sustainable, and versatile option to choose from. The following are a few reasons that help you to understand why you have to choose Southern yellow pine for your floors.

Amazing natural characteristics

Pine floors have plenty of color variations than hickory, maple, or oak have a hard time matching. The random patterns of grain with natural streaks add character to the floor. Pinewood has both sapwood and heartwood. Heartwood is red-brown to red-yellow, while the sapwood is red-white to yellow-white. Cross-cut wood pine has wavy grain patterns and Radial-cut will have striped grains.

More economical

The cost of pine is less compared to other hardwood floors, which is one of the main reasons for choosing it. In most cases, pine floors cost less compared to vinyl and can run half the price of oak.
More durable and stable

Even though pine wood is soft, it becomes harder over time. The fibers get compressed when you walk on it and become denser. Due to this, they will last over 300 years in a few homes. Also, pine won’t contract or expand because it is more stable than some other woods.

At REALGOODS Company, you can find premium quality wide plank Southern yellow pine wood milled for amazing pine floors that can last many generations. We can provide wood planks of different sizes for multi-width or one-width floors.

We have years of experience in providing appealing Southern yellow pine that adds a unique feature to the home. Whether you want to add charm to your office, home, or event space, contact us today to source great wide plank southern yellow pine floors.

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