Irresistible Ways to Amp Up Your Interior Design with Stone Veneer Panels

Stone installation can improve the aesthetics of any area where it is installed. It does not matter if you install a stone veneer to accentuate a wall or enhance the overall aesthetics of the living space; natural stones make a natural fit. When you plan to use stoner veneer for your interior project there will be two options to consider – natural or man-made stone veneer.

Large pieces of natural stone are mined from the earth and sliced into thin contours to create veneers. As they are natural stone, they will display textures, tonal variations, and imperfections. Man-made stone veneer is designed elegantly to mimic the natural stone. It is made from aggregate and concrete materials, which are pressed in molds. Both are indistinguishable from afar, but each cladding material is different.

Natural stone veneer is quarried, so every piece is unique. There is variation in color and texture, so it is unmatched and unique in appearance. The stone veneer cost of both types does not differ much especially considering that the man-made product may be lighter, but the maintenance of natural stone is significantly less. Man-made stone veneer can fade if used outdoors; whereas, natural stone performs fine under sunlight. Both cladding materials are versatile, but man-made has its limitations which are not encountered when using natural stone.
The authenticity of natural stone veneer is uncompromised. You will never find the same wall anywhere. Even with advanced technology, man-made stone claddings will never be able to contest authenticity. If installed properly and maintained well, the natural stone wall will not need any repairs or replacement for a lifetime.

Inspiring home interior ideas using stone wall cladding

Rustic touch
• Stone cladding in the foyer creates a great first impression for guests entering the home. As guests walk in, the feel is warm and soothing.
• An accentuated stone wall in a light hue kitchen will create a distinctive feel of space and add a rustic touch.
• Stone veneer can be used well as a divider because it will use less space and help to create distinct areas.

Exquisiteness in asymmetry

• Ledgestone with gritty, unfinished appearance looks great in the dining room. It is a focal point which contrasts nicely to the streamlined and smooth dining room fittings and furniture.
• Natural stone wall used as a focal point in the bathroom is a hot trend.

Magnificent black

• A black stone wall is a timeless and versatile addition to your bedroom. It can be paired with different color themes and the natural stone gives texture to a sleek bedroom space.

Calming white

• For home interiors with neutrals or whites add greyish-whitish stone cladding to enliven a room and break the monotony.
• Install a veneer on the wall around the fireplace to create an impressive focal point.
Stone veneer creates a dynamic appearance with its variety of styles, looks, and finishes. You can install it to create a dry stack look without visible mortar or create a contemporary look with clean lines and sleek finishes.
Make sure that you choose a skilled mason because special care is necessary for the edges, substrate condition, size, depth, and shape of the stone. Ensure that the stone layout and setting are ideal, so you attain great results.

Types of natural stone veneer

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