While it may feel as though the sense of tradition and history is rapidly leaving the cities and towns of modern America, you can still find glimpses of the past if you know where to look. The cobblestone streets the still line some of America’s oldest cities offer reminders of our rich history. Their worn patinas and rounded edges show both the beauty of the past and the transition to the future. Below are some of our favorite cobblestone’d cities in the United States.
Home of the Liberty Bell and cheese steaks, Philly’s historic neighborhoods feature many cobblestone streets.

Philadelphia Cobblestone-Belgian Block alley
Not only can you enjoy some southern comfort in Savannah, but you can also enjoy beautiful cobblestone streets right by the sea.
Cobblestones are not just tied to the east. If you’re headed out west, be sure to check out Omaha’s historic streets.
Cobblestones aren’t just for streets anymore! St. Louis now offers beer, baseball, and Belgian Block.
The East Bank neighborhood in Minneapolis features cobbles that date back to 1872. The city of steel is known for its hilly landscape, but many of these hills are also covered by historic cobblestone, adding a little texture to your drive or bike ride! You’ll find your lobster dinner even more enjoyable while strolling down these cobbled avenues.

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Please click the link below to see more Granite Cobblestone & Belgian Block from numerous historical cities.

Granite Cobblestone & Belgian Block