Make Your Driveway More Functional With Cobblestone

Cobblestone pavers are small blocks made from natural stone. Many homeowners get confused between concrete pavers and cobblestone pavers. The former is made from concrete brick, whereas the latter is always designed from natural stones like limestone, granite, basalt, etc.

Ancient cobblestone pavers were the rounded stones that were collected from stream beds. The quarried and shaped stones sold today are called Belgian blocks or Setts. Cobblestone has become a common term for any kind of pavers got from natural stone. Belgian blocks are popular as they are uniformly sized and shaped, so installing is made easy.


Cobblestone pavers are tremendously robust and durable. Granite cobblestone has been used in walkways, driveways, and roadways for centuries and many of them are still in service today. Driveways can benefit from them as they can handle the car’s weight for a long time without getting cracked or damaged. Belgian blocks can handle the climatic elements, even harsh weather, for decades without needing replacement. This amazing durability is experienced on roadways worldwide where cobblestones have survived years of heavy use and abuse. Some cobblestone roads in Europe are century old and still in use!


Cobblestone pavers can be sealed with a special paver sealer and make them stain-resistant. Staining is an issue in concrete pavers basically from tire marks, oil spills, and several car leaks. This can discolor the concrete driveways and leads to lots of scrubbing to (hopefully) get rid of the stains. With granite cobblestone, staining is not an issue once the blocks get sealed. Any inevitable spills can be easily removed.

Repair and maintenance is easy

Concrete driveways are hard to repair if they get cracked, discolored, or damaged. Driveway replacement is the only solution to regain the strength and look of your driveway. Alternatively, cobblestone driveways are simple, easy, and cost-effective to maintain. If some portions look worn down then you can replace individual pavers to get back the original look without the concerns of the entire driveway replacement cost.

Cobblestone paver’s walkways or driveways need little maintenance. A good washing a couple of times in a year and pulling the weeds popping up through joints is all that is needed. The stones do not break or crack; however, the base can fail because it settled down. There is an easy remedy: you can remove the affected stones and lay extra-base material then reinstall the cobblestones. For sand set pavers, the sand within the joints gets washed away or settles. You will need to spread extra sand and fill the joints. If the cobblestone paving has mortar joints, then extreme winter thaw & frost cycles could cause the joints to crack. Keep checking and re-grout to maintain surface performance.

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