Make your living room more appealing by installing hardwood flooring

Trees have been playing a significant role in human survival for as long as we can remember. Wood harvested from trees is used for firewood, musical instruments, construction, and so much more. From furniture to flooring and roofing, timber is being used in homes even to this day. Many homeowners still prefer classic wide plank southern yellow pine floors or prefinished hardwood floors rather than the modern tiles and carpets. Keep reading to learn more about the amazing benefits and properties of hardwood floors!

Enhances the look and feel of a living room

Wood floors add elegance and warmth to the living room ambiance. It is also believed that hardwood floors can make the space look bigger and classier. Hardwood floor installation offers an optimistic first impression about any home, and it easily blends with any type of interior décor.

Easy to clean

Cleaning hardwood is easy. You can vacuum or sweep the wood surface to eliminate accumulated debris or dirt. Hardwood floors do not attract a lot of dirt or dust since they do not have electromagnetic properties. You can relax in the comfort of your living room knowing your floors are not sheltering environmental threats like pet dander or dust mites.

Low maintenance

Wooden floor maintenance is straightforward. Unlike carpets, hardwood flooring is resistant to spills and stains. If something is spilled accidentally, just wipe it gently with a mop or towel. A household with pets can experience a musty smell in the atmosphere because of accidents on carpet. Hardwood can help to mask these odors and any accidents can be easily cleaned compared to the stains left on carpets.

Durable and strong

Homeowners upgrade to solid hardwood flooring because of its durability. Wooden floors can get dented or scratched, but it is rare. Remember, with proper care hardwood such as a wide plank southern yellow pine floor can last a lifetime.

Blends with every décor theme

Prefinished hardwood floors are versatile and blend ideally with all kinds of interiors. It doesn’t matter if you change the decorative accents, wall art, or furnishing in the living room; the floors will always fit well with your desired theme.

Better air quality

As we previously stated, hardwood floors do not have electromagnetic properties so it dows not trap pollen, animal dander, dust, or common allergens. Consequently, the air quality inside the home does not deteriorate. If anyone in your family is struggling with allergies then hardwood flooring is a great alternative to carpet, tile, and laminate. When discussing indoor air quality, laminate and tile don’t have fibers like carpet, but have embossing and grout lines, where allergens and dust get settled.

Increases home value

Installing wide plank southern yellow pine floorsin the living room can increase the resale value of your home if you plan to sell it in the future. Buyers prefer hardwood flooring instead of carpet because they don’t desire to use someone else’s old or dirty carpet. Many buyers plan to replace the carpets upon closing, which is the main reason they agree to pay more for solid wood floors. Homes with prefinished hardwood flooring features can be sold faster than their carpeted counterparts.

Real Goods Company has been distributing domestic, exotic, and wide plank southern yellow pine floors, since 2003. We concentrate on offering excellent domestic and exotic hardwood flooring solutions that will last for years.

At Real Goods Company, you can buy genuine unfinished, engineered, solid, and prefinished hardwood floors for your living rooms or entire home flooring projects. Our flooring solutions are economical and functional.

Hardwood floorings add natural beauty to your living space. Please feel free to call us up for a consultation on hardwood flooring. With years of experience in this industry, we help guide you to the hardwood flooring option which will best suit your needs. Let us make the floor of your dreams into a reality today!

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