Natural Slate Tile – Perfect Choice for Homeowners

Every individual will have their preferences when it comes to designing their home. Although there are a variety of flooring options available in the market, stone tiles are the best choice to add an aesthetic appeal to all the rooms, from the bathroom to the living room to an outdoor space. Choosing high-quality materials like stone tiles will provide you with years of durability and enjoyment.

Different types of natural stone tiles

These days, you can find various types of stone tiles like limestone, granite, natural slate tiles, and more. Let us know about them in detail:

Marble tiles
Marble is a bold, elegant, and luxury material that is ideal for all applications, but it is especially common in bathrooms. If maintained well, it can raise the value of the property in the long run.

Granite tiles
Granite is the most durable and perfect choice for high traffic areas likes the living room, foyer, or kitchen. Whether you like to make a statement or keep a minimalist look, granite tiles are the stone that will likely last the longest.

Glass tiles
Glass tiles have a higher level of stain resistance than others. These tiles are a glamorous option for shower tile or backsplash.

Slate tiles
Natural slate tiles are slip-resistant, safe, and exceptional option that, like marble or granite, last for a long time. Moreover, it gives a varied and unique appearance that makes you feel like having nature inside the home.

Need more reasons to consider natural slate?
Natural slate tile is a beautiful, high-end, durable material that adds value to the home, particularly bathrooms, entryways, and kitchens. Here are a few benefits of natural slate that help you to know why it is the best choice for flooring.

• Even though the natural slate tiles cost more initially, they last for many years meaning that they will pay for themselves over the long run or even in the short term if you are trying to increase your property’s value prior to sale.
• It is resistant to breaks, cracks, chips, and scratches
• Natural slate tiles come in a wide range of color combinations and solid colors that give a unique look not easily replicated in any other home.
• The tiles are a great option for using a radiating heat system.
• Low maintenance compared to other flooring alternatives.

Tips to add natural slate for the home
Whether it is floors or walls, everyone wants to be perfect. Due to this reason, most people consider natural slate tile for the walls and floors. A natural slate tile looks stylish, beautiful, and resistant to allergens or dust.

Natural slate requires low maintenance, which makes it the perfect choice for bathrooms. Also, they won’t get stained with toothpaste, shampoos, and gel. Even if the dirt and mud stick to the floor, you can scrub the patch easily without causing harm to the floor.

Dining area
Natural slate tiles are perfect for both modern and contemporary dining. They help to create a soothing and pleasant dining area experience.

Living room
These days, you can find the color and texture of natural stone that match your interior design. Since there are many colors of natural slate you can create unique flooring patterns which are warm and invite your guests into the room. If you have radiant heating your guests can feel the heat sink into their feet warming them from the bottom up on a cold winter’s day.

At REALGOODS Company, we can provide both domestic and imported natural slate products of many colors and textures. We are proud to supply top quality stone and hardwood products to our many satisfied customers. Let us help you build your dream home that lasts for generations. To add Slate Stone as a part of your home, browse the gallery and email or call to book your free consultation.

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