Porphyry Pavers

Porphyry, born of fire, an igneous stone type,  is a close cousin of  granite and another great option for your paving project(s). In addition to being formed in the intense heat of the Earths’ molten magma, Porphyry pavers are similar to granite in density and durability. Unlike granite, which has to be quarried in large blocks, Porphyry splits out of its natural formation in flat slabs of various thicknesses.

Known for its rich earthly colors, it has been widely used in as paving material for centuries in Europe Asia and South America.

Other common names for porphyry pavers includes setts, patio blocks, paving stones, driveway pavers, paving stone, driveway paving, belgian block, paving bricks, cobblestone pavers, belgium block, granite pavers and cobblestone driveway.

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