Pine Flooring – A Complete Guide that You Need to Know

Wooden flooring is a popularly considered option for homes throughout the world. They display a high level of elegance while also making a home warm and inviting. When thinking of wooden floors, many people often immediately think about many narrow hardwood planks laid together to make the surface of the floor. What people do not usually realize is that they can actually use wider planks made out of pine to achieve the same excellent looking floor as the narrow hardwood planks.

Easier Installation: Usually wooden floors take a lot of planks to cover a floor since they are long and narrow. With wide planks that is not the case. A single wide plank can fill the same amount of space as two or four narrow planks. Not only will this lead to less boards being used to cover the floor, but it can create an additional cash savings for the homeowner via reduced labor cost and other related costs such as the cost to rent a specialized piece of equipment.

Unique Look: When you look at a wooden floor which has narrow boards you will see that they look great; however, often times any sort of large grain markings or knots are lost when the boards are cut to the narrow size. Wide planks allow you to retain the large grain patterns and knots which make each board unique. By keeping the large grain patterns, you will be able to design a floor layout that incorporates all of the natural variations mother nature offers. Your visitors will be intrigued and you can be sure that you have a floor like no other!

Color Switch-Up: Many traditional wooden floors receive a dark or semi-dark stain. Pine floors can be a break from the norm because the wood is naturally a lighter color. Popular pines such as white pine or Southern Yellow Pine can be finished with a lighter stain to preserve their lighter color while still maintaining the natural beauty and ambiance that comes with a wooden floor.

Beneficial Optical Illusion: A trick that photographers use to make a room feel larger is standing in a corner and taking a picture diagonally instead of straight from one end of the room to the other. Wide planks naturally offer a similar optical illusion due to their increased width. With wider planks, less boards are required to cover the same space leading to a decrease in the number of visible seams in the floor. This lack of visible lines and creases makes the REALGOODS Company is a leading company that offers you the highest level of craftsmanship and quality to its customers. We have many wooden flooring options to choose from which encompasses extensive offerings of imported and domestic exotics, hardwoods, and pine floors. Tour flooring provides a balance of remarkable quality as well as value competitiveness to out consumers.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and quality of service. In addition to wooden flooring our product offering includes many varieties of all-natural stone including natural stone tile, barn stone, natural stone veneer, and engineered hardwood flooring. Visit our website or give us a call today to find out how to get started with a quality pine floor!

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