Granite REALGOODS  focuses on providing natural building materials REALGOODS Company formed in 2003, by businessman Dan Wheeler has always maintained their goal to provide consumers with high-quality, natural materials for their building projects.  The niche business is located in Oil City and specializes in providing natural stone building materials with a primary focus on supplying Granite Cobblestone for the best driveway surface available.  Additionally REALGOODS takes pride in offering one of a kind, antique and new specialty stones that are typically the centerpiece of a landscape design. Wide plank, long length hardwood floors rounds out their main product lines for customers who demand flooring that is difficult to find or produce. Wheeler works with customers to supply high-end stone and wood products to help them achieve their construction or renovation project visions. Most materials REALGOODS Company offers are domestically produced, but some of the high-end stone and hardwood available is imported from India, Asia, and South America. REAL MATERIAL HIGH QUALITY & VALUE SOLUTIONS REALGOODS Company focus on all of its products is to supply the highest quality, authentic time-tested stone and wood products.  Our customers are looking to surround themselves with materials that are not only beautiful but will last for numerous generations, unlike the many cheap imitation products widely available at the big box retailers. Wheeler expresses a preference to serve a niche clientele that has come to realize that high quality in material and service are worth much more over time than the small savings of low-cost building materials that have a short service life. REALGOODS Company’s top-selling Stone products include Antique and New  Granite Cobblestone,  and Antique and New Millstones and Troughs.  A secondary focus is on bluestone, wallstone, and various thin stone veneers. Sales of wide plank flooring have primarily been in the Domestic Oaks and Southern Yellow Pine, as Wheeler works with domestic specialty mills with 8” and wider planks, and lengths up to 16’, to satisfy their customers desire for outstanding floors rarely seen in a typical home. Materials reclamation has always been a large part of the business as well.  “Sometimes the customer is going for a specific look that can only be achieved by using wood, stone, or materials that have already served for several generations or more in a building, or roadway that has been torn down or otherwise removed.  It’s a great feeling to put these old materials back into new construction that will last another lifetime. I definitely know how to find these things and enjoy hunting for that perfect item that will make a difference in the outcome of a project,” says Wheeler. REAL DELIVERY SOLUTIONS Freight and logistics are a huge part of the service provided to the customer, and a major cost in supplying heavy materials.  According to Wheeler, “One of the keys to serving my clientele is putting together the right combination of products that are within a reasonable distance of the final destination.  Delivery costs can make or break any deal, so I make sure I can deliver product at the best freight cost possible while maintaining product quality, and efficient delivery service. At REALGOODS Company, supplying excellent products as timely as possible to the customer is a critical aspect of their work.  We communicate with the customer throughout the process to ensure each project is completed to the customers’ satisfaction. Understanding customers’ project needs and vision of what they are creating, ensures a successful outcome. REALGOODS Company serves Customers that include landscape contractors, general contractors, end users, land developers, resellers and more. Real Goods Company’s market is primarily nationwide in the domestic United States, but has serviced customers in Canada, Mexico, and as far away as Iceland. Regarding the project in Iceland: “One of our customers, a doctor in Guam contacted us to have Granite Cobblestone, quarried in Asia, further processed in the United States, and shipped to Iceland. No problem for REALGOODS Company…mission accomplished!” REALGOODS Company is available online at or by calling Dan Wheeler @ 814-676-0700 (office) or  814-673-4858(cell)]]>

Cobblestones, Belgian Block, and Granite Setts come from a wide range of locations around the Globe.

  • Antique cobblestones primarily come from old streets and roadways throughout the United States, Europe and other locations. Some of these reclaimed cobblestones have already provided hundreds, or even thousands of years of service. In most instances the Antique cobblestones have most of their service life still in front of them, a testament to the unparalleled durability of these stones. The antique cobbles also provide the timeworn surface patina from the long years of gentle scouring provided by wagon wheels, horse shoes, and the unrelenting forces of the weather.

New Cobblestones are produced in domestic quarries, as well as Asian, Latin American, and South American quarries. The domestic quarries typically manufacture with two sawn sides and four split sides. The domestic color is limited primarily to grays. The Asian, Latin American, and South American quarries offer split surfaces on all six sides of the cobblestones. They also have a wider color selection. Porphyry cobblestones are of a similar igneous rock formation as granite, and are produced in Mexico, South America, and China.