Say Goodbye to Dullness with Beautiful Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring is a great choice for your home because it is less vulnerable to humidity and moisture than solid timber. Another great benefit, you can install engineered wood flooring directly on top of any type of old floorings. Today there are many different engineered hardwood options so you can get styles that best complement your home’s décor. Advances in engineered hardwood even allow a new floor to have a timeworn look and finish.

Pre finished hardwood floors are ready-to-use since the sanding and finishing are done in the factory. It is a convenient flooring option homeowners often choose for their remodeling projects. Hardwood floors add beauty to every room and can be cleaned with a simple sweeping followed with a quick mopping.

There are also many different hardwood floor cleaners on the market, but you need to try them in a discreet area prior to use on the entire floor surface. Whether you have wide plank hardwood oak floors or another type of pre finished hardwood floor, below are some tips that will have you saying goodbye to dull floors and hello to your beautiful hardwood!

How to bring the shine and beauty back into your hardwood floors:

  • Always dust, sweep, or vacuum before using the mop. This ensures that grit or dust is removed instead of redistributed across the floor’s surface by the mop.
  • When using water on hardwood remember is more. Generally, a damp mop used on an already vacuumed floor will suffice for most cleanings.
  • Less is also more when applying an acrylic-based wax to a polyurethane finish. Wax buildup can lead to diminished overall shine and could leave your floor looking milky or patchy.
  • When applying a wax finish be sure to give it a good buffing to avoid any streaks that would take away from the shine of your floor.
  • Consider refinishing the floor every so often depending on how much use the floor sees. This will bring your floor back to the original install quality and make it look like an entirely new floor.

How do you properly clean your pre finished hardwood floors with a mop?

It is best to use a lightly dampened soft mop to clean hardwood floors. When possible, void using a sopping-wet mop as too much water will penetrate into the floor and over time can cause it to buckle.

  • Choose the right cleaner or the one installers or manufacturers recommended. Generally, isopropyl alcohol is recommended as it quickly dries and is available at the local grocery or drug stores.
  • You can make your own cleaning solution using water and white vinegar. The solution will dissolve the grime and grease on the floor without damaging the finish.

Never use a steam mop to clean the wood floor because steam opens the pores and damages the wood finish. It may be tempting to use a steam mop on an engineered hardwood floors such as wide plank hardwood oak floors; however, the steam can still seep into the wood causing irreversible damage.

Important tips to maintain your hardwood floor:

  • Wipe up wet spills as soon as they are noticed.
  • A quick daily sweep will remove gritty dirt which can causes scratches or wear out the sealant and finish.
  • When you vacuum, be sure to vacuum under area rugs to remove trapped grit that can scratch the floor.
  • A damp mop is not necessary until the floor has sticky messes or mud marks. Only use a damp mop a few times per year to help reduce the amount of moisture that comes in contact with your floor.

What to do when flooring finish gets damaged?

If the finish looks worn and scratched, you may need to lightly remove the polyurethane coat on the surface and apply a new finish coat. This is a quick way to revive the floor looks.

If your floors are irreparably damaged then it may be time to install new hardwood floor. Today there are many options ranging from wide plank hardwood oak floors to more traditional solid plank hardwood floors

We at REALGOODS Company offer standard hardwood floorings of all kinds and many of our flooring options are sourced and produced domestically. We offer an extensive selection in terms of grades, stains, widths, and species. If you have something unique in mind, we would love to hear about it! Whether it be a exotic, engineered, solid, or pre finished hardwood floors, REALGOODS Company has the expertise and know how to ensure your next hardwood floor will be top of the line quality with awe inspiring beauty. Visit our website and call today to get a quote for your next project!

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