Select Natural Stones to Get Beautiful, Sturdy, and Long-Lasting Flooring

You can find numerous materials in the marketplace for constructing the floor of a residential or commercial space. Among them, natural stone is considered to be the best option for homeowners to upgrade their floors and increase their property value.

To get the best benefits from their investment, the homeowner needs to choose the best type of natural stone floor tile. For this, they need to consider factors such as interior décor preferences, expected use, foot traffic, cost, etc. to make the best selection of natural stone flooring.


Marble has a classy and elegant look. It is considered to be the best choice for homeowners who want to create a style statement. Though it is a costly flooring material, the look it renders is worth the investment.

Like all natural stones, the material has to be properly maintained to preserve its beauty for many years; however, since marble is resilient to moisture, it can be easily cleaned. All you need is to wipe its surface with a damp and soapy cloth.


Travertine is extremely sophisticated and comes with remarkable appeal and status. It is attractive and adds a dramatic touch to any space. Travertine is soft and durable limestone, which is not ostentatious. Unlike the smooth surface of a regular limestone, the surface of the travertine has pitted troughs and holes that add character to it.

It is available in a wide range of earthy hues to choose from. These include pale beige, tan, darker rust, brown shades, etc.  Travertine is best suited for indoor and needs to be sealed to keep spills from being absorbed into it’s microscopic pores.


Slate is made from small fragments of clay and silt that are compressed under high temperature and pressure. A hard slate roof shows an amazing ability to withstand the weather conditions for up to two hundred years.

Another important benefit of this natural stone material is that slate tiles are convenient to clean and maintain. They are durable, and more resistant to stain than any other stone-based tile.

To obtain maximum performance, you should to seal your slate tiles regularly every year. To prevent breaking of its metamorphic rock layers, it should be installed on a sturdy base. Slate tiles come in a wide range of finishes for a polished appearance on countertops, and walls.


Granite is a rock composed of a compacted form of quartz, feldspar, mica, and other robust materials. It is the ideal stone for bathroom and kitchen countertops. Being a sturdy material, granite is an ideal flooring material in places where you expect heavy foot traffic.

The material is heavier and sturdy than marble. Due to the less porous surface, it is not susceptible to staining.  You can easily clean the stains which do occur with a damp and soapy cloth. To maintain its integrity and obtain maximum performance, you should seal the granite every year.


Tiles made from natural stones exhibit sophisticated beauty, sturdiness, and allergy-friendly passes that every homeowner looks for. These attributes make the natural stone the right investment for staircases, walls, floors, and countertops. The above information will help you find the best natural stone tiles for your upcoming home improvement project.

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