Should I use Gray or Black Cobblestone? Get a Sample!

Occasionally, one of our Granite Cobblestone customers wants something extra special for their driveway, which was the case with Jeff L. He and his wife wanted to make an impressive statement with their selection of Belgian Block for their driveway pavers. As with any project, cost is always a factor, so sample Black Granite and Gray Granite cobblestones were ordered by Jeff L. for he and his wife to evaluate.

The Gray Granite was nice in their opinion, but the Black Granite gave them the additional feel of richness and quality that they wanted. The gray was only there in hindsight to tell them they could save on some cost, but their eye for quality, and not settling for second best ruled the day.

Jeff L. ordered 1,560 squre feet of the Black Granite 4x4x4”+/- Cobblestone / Belgian Block, aslo known as Setts in this particular size. The samples and placing the full order was the easy part, and now came the task of delivering to their home which is situated in a location in Georgia that could not be serviced by tractor trailer.

As has become a frequent standard of service from time to time, we had to figure out a difficult logistics situation, in order to meet the customers material and service needs. The closest that a Semi could get to the delivery site was about ½ mile away at a parkling lot for a school football field. In addition to that my customer did not have a way to unload or transport the stone that last half mile.

Black Granite Cubes

Gray Granite Cubes

Through research and cold calls, we made arrangements with a company local to the delivery site to handle the extra services that Jeff L. and his wife needed. The local trucking company had smaller flatbed trucks with on board forklifts that could get tom the final destinaltion and unload. We had to coordinate the long distance over the road flatbed to meet with the local trucking company at the parking lot near the customers site, to unload the semi, reload onto their trucks and redeliver with unloading service

These are complicated operations to say the least, but well worth it from our perspective, and our customers perspective as well. The results can be seen in progress with the installation picture included.

We take pride in our willingness to work hard for our customers, meeting their needs in excellence in material, and additional services as a matter of course. We are always willing to go the extra mile (or ½ mile in this case) to help our clients realize their vision.

Hope that your delivery site is easier to service, but if not REALGOODS Company will make it work your next stone project!

Feel free to contact us to discuss your plans in Granite Cobblestone or Belgian Block or any of our many other stone products!

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