The Importance of Hardwood Flooring for Your Home

These days, there are many flooring options and it is considered to be an important choice for home architecture. Flooring is the first physical contact that people have with your home and it can be used to do any activity. It is the very surface your quests are standing upon so you want it to be designed with material that fulfills the purpose of strength, comfort, and elegance.

Previously carpets were used to cover up messy concrete finishes and protect from any moisture seepage or coldness. However, now other materials such as hardwood flooring are commonly used in most parts of the house.

What wood flooring does to your house?

Wooden floors feel good underfoot and provide warmth to any room. They reek of luxury and elegance since previously they were used only in palaces and premier buildings. The natural shade and color of the floor will pair well with the rest of your wooden furniture. The use of wooden floorings in your rooms and stairways give your house an antique look which is very trendy and wildly popular.

Wooden flooring is a good long-term investment for your home. Unlike other floorings, wooden flooring ages beautifully as years go by giving a more aesthetic look to your home. It never goes out of style so you will not have to look for replacements even a few decades after installation. Not only is this an up front cost savings, but hardwood flooring increases the value of your house for sale or rental purposes.

Why Wood Flooring is a good choice?

  • Healthier environment

Allergy suffers can rejoice knowing hardwood floors will not cling onto and lock in dust particles or other pollutants. Hardwood flooring is great for pets, kids, and parties too because it will not trap unpleasant odors.

  • Easy maintenance

Wooden floors are more resistant to liquid spills than carpet counterparts. Simple dry mopping is enough to clear any spill on a wood floor and spills will not cause any staining.

  • Eco-friendly nature

The wood flooring is considered to be eco-friendly with regulations imposed on timber harvesting procedures.

  • Durability

Giving warmth and comfort to your foot, wooden flooring is a good insulator that helps even in the cold season. Quality wooden flooring lasts for decades and will not need replaced like carpet or other flooring solutions.

Types of Wood flooring

  • Solid wooden flooring

Solid wood is made with real pieces of wood with around 18-20mm thickness. This gives a very natural texture and color to the flooring.

  • Engineered hardwood

Engineered Hardwood is growing in popularity. It is a customized wooden flooring that is a cost-effective solution for modern architecture. These are ideal for basements and share many of the same qualities with solid wooden flooring.


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