Top 8 Classic Ways to Accessorize Your House


One of the best ways to increase the beauty and property value of your home is to install real natural stone veneer. Today there are many common siding surfaces that resemble solid granite, limestone blocks, or another natural stone. In most cases, it is a thin veneer of certain molded concrete products with iron oxides to make the siding appear like natural stone. These imitations lack the true value and quality characteristics that natural stone provide. Furthermore, although there are a few synthetic polymer products that may try to mimic the appearance of natural stone, but they are not convincing, especially when you look closely. Real stone veneer is available in a variety of different shapes, patterns, and colors which makes it extremely versatile inside and outside of any home.

The following are 8 ways you can accessorize your home with real stone veneer.

1. Elegant exterior accents

By using natural stone accents, you can add flair and drama to your home’s exterior. Stone accents along with vintage-style siding can create a beautifully unique exterior, which will show off your personality and offer your home a certain sense of solidity and stability.

2. Dramatic doorways

If you like to bring a certain drama to your décor, then use interior stone veneer to frame your doorway and make it feel as if you are stepping through a portal to another world.

3. Subtle sophisticated spaces

Using interior stone veneer on the walls in a large room can be a fantastic way to add visual interest as well as texture to your interior space without compromising on the brightness or openness of the space.

4. Beautiful bathrooms

Natural real stone veneer in the bathroom can transform your bathroom into a very relaxing spa retreat. There is something very tranquil about the combination of natural stone and water.

5. Fabulous fireplaces

Nothing can elevate an ordinary fireplace quite the same way as real stone veneer. Installing natural veneer for your fireplace can totally transform the look and feel of a room. Sunlight by day and fireplace light by night splayed over the natural stone surface will make your room cozy and warm.

6. Wonderful Outside Walls

Natural stone and stone veneer siding can add elegance to exterior of the home. It showcases style and grace. There are very few things that can be as strong yet beautiful like stone.

7. Exquisite Ceilings

One of the more exotic, but extremely beautiful uses for interior stone veneer is covering your ceiling with a beautiful stone arch. This option is especially popular for wine cellars, large dining rooms, libraries or a study/den area. In a large space can be a great way to transform your room and bring new life without giving a closed feeling.

8. Contemporary and inviting

You can use a stacked veneer look to create shelves and inset areas to emphasize certain features while keeping all of the modern amenities. For example, you can use veneer create an indented area for a TV above the fireplace. This allows you to bring the fireplace forward as your focal point and ensures that the TV will retract into the pocket of natural stone instead of jutting awkwardly out from the wall.

We at Real Goods Company can help you accessorize your home using real stone veneer. For almost 20 years we have been helping customers just like you create their dreams by sourcing top quality natural stone and hardwood products. We pride ourselves on customer service and have a global network of suppliers to ensure we can meet the demands of your project. Give us a call today to get started using natural stone veneer!

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