Transform Your Living Room Look with Hardwood Flooring

Installing a hardwood floor is a great way to add unrivaled natural beauty to your home. Wood is compatible with any kind of modern, rustic, and contemporary décor. There are many different types and options to choose from when selecting a hardwood floor which ensures you will be able to find something to fit your tastes. Let’s talk about some of the flooring options available in the market today!

Pre-finished or unfinished

If you desire a custom stain before the final finish or want to match the existing flooring color then unfinished hardwood flooring is the ideal option. After the hardwood planks are installed and stained, they are given several protective finish coats. If the project is for the kitchen or basement space, then unfinished is a nice option because the finishing coat will create a protective barrier seamlessly sealing the boards and helping to prevent moisture from seeping underneath. This sealing process needs to be well ventilated and it takes a bit of time to dry before the hardwood is safe to use for walking. Unfinished hardwood floors also need to be sanded prior to installation. and the sealing process will need to be well ventilated.

Pre finished hardwood floors arrive on-site all sanded and sealed ready to install. This helps to quicken the entire installation process. Pre finished hardwood offers a lower maintenance as they are treated with potent and durable finishes which are resistant to moisture discoloration and stains. Factory prefinished wood floorboards have beveled and little round edges, which allows designers create a specific style or distinct pattern. Unlike on-site finishing, there are no VOCs and odors from prefinished wood planks. You can instantly walk on the newly installed flooring.

Engineered or solid

A solid hardwood plank means all timber. It is available in 5/8” to ¾” thickness. Solid wood floors can last for more than a century without any concerns of replacement. You get to choose from historic preferences like white & red oak, maple, and pine to the contemporary options such as purpleheart, jarrah, and bamboo. You can refinish solid hardwood planks several times to eliminate dents, scuffs, or scratches and regain their originality.
Engineered hardwood floors are real wood veneers bonded to several fiberboard or wood layers like plywood. The engineered hardwood floor can be sanded or refinished just once or twice depending on the thickness of the veneer.
Both solid and engineered hardwoods are available as unfinished or pre finished hardwood floors.

Dark hardwood flooring options

Dark hardwood floors have natural variations and are a unique alternative for large rooms. They will not show dirt and are child and pet-friendly. Some dark hardwood flooring material options include mahogany, cherry, rosewood, oak, and even hickory. Choose a variety based on your needs. For example, Hickory hardwood planks are ideal for high traffic areas because there is plenty of wear & tear. For more stability, you can choose oak because it will expand and contract less around moisture. To achieve a darker color with a lighter wood a dark finishing stain would need to be applied.

Which species to choose?

Wood species like maple, cherry, and oak are traditionally what was used for hardwood floors. Today there is a much wider variety including exotic species like mesquite, jarrah, and teak. The best choice depends on your natural tastes, design choices, and your décor.

Where to buy hardwood floorings?

From domestic to exotic, all types of hardwood flooring and natural stones are available at REALGOODS Co. We offer top quality unfinished and pre finished hardwood floors in all of our varieties. Let our expert staff help you to choose the right kind of hardwood flooring for your project. Give us a call today!

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