What are Cobblestones?

The naturally occurring cobblestone from the waterways and the pitched cobblestone roads eventually gave way during the 1800’s to quarried granite setts, also known as Belgian block. This happened in part as a result of progress in man’s ability to productively manipulate stone in large quantities, and the ever present need for improved road surfaces and durability. The quarriers and stonecutters of the 19th century started making a natural stone paver that was more consistent in size allowing for them to be laid in rows and regular patterns with a more even surface and exceptional durability. Today’s cobbles are interchangeably called Belgian block, setts, and of course cobblestone. Regardless of the words you choose to call them, they are the most beautiful, longest lasting choice of pavement available. Realgoodsco.com is the site to visit for any questions on your Cobblestone projects.


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